$1 Deeper Still Shots @ Tony’s Saloon! (12.5.12)

December 5th, 2012 — 5:32pm

Happy Repeal Day people! You heard right! Plex over at Tony’s Saloon will be serving some specialty bourbon made specially for you. Tonight, and tonight only, Tony’s will be serving Ritten House Rye mixed with aged bitters, brown sugar, Angostura, lemon and orange peel, all put in a barrel and aged for two days. Yes, two days is not a whole lot of time for a cocktail to age and mature into what you might think aged cocktails taste like but hey, its Repeal Day and they only cost $1 a shot (while supplies last and up to three shots per patron)! On top of this wonderful offer, Plex will also be giving out tastes of some secret Gin he has been aging for two months (hush, hush). So pull your pants up, put some shoes on and bring a couple of bucks down to Tony’s Saloon tonight! Hooray for alcohol!