213 Bars Open on Thanksgiving

November 21st, 2012 — 10:30am

If you’re like myself, you can only handle your parents/in laws/family for about 9 hours tops, then you must retreat outside for a cigarette with your older brother. And if you’re like my older brother and I, you must not only retreat outside but also sneak away to a nearby bar for a few cocktails to loosen up and help digest that turkey you inhaled a few hours earlier. This Thanksgiving we have a couple bars open for this very reason. See the list below of open and closed bars, to hopefully help dictate where you might end up.

Open on Thanksgiving:
4100 Bar – Open 8pm – 2am
Golden Gopher – Open 8pm – 2am

Closed on Thanksgiving:
Seven Grand
Caña Rum Bar
Tony’s Saloon
The Varnish
Broadway Bar
Las Perlas

Come join us for a drink!