213 Ventures Debuts Pellicola Pizzeria – Acclaimed Hospitality Group Collaborates with Renowned Pizzaiolo of NYC’s Forcella to Bring Artisanal Pizza Concept to Downtown Los Angeles

January 30th, 2014 — 1:32pm

Baltz & Co.
Press Release

Los Angeles, California, January 8, 2014—Cedd Moses of 213 Ventures (The Varnish, Seven Grand, Golden Gopher, Cole’s Originators of the French Dip, Caña Rum Bar, Honeycut, Las Perlas), in partnership with Mark Verge and Angus McShane, open Pellicola Pizzeria at 421West 8th Street in Downtown Los Angeles adjacent to the Golden Gopher bar.  The artisanal pizza concept features recipes using classic techniques while incorporating California and Italian ingredients from consultant Giulio Adriani, the renowned chef and owner of Forcella pizza restaurants in New York City.

Pellicola Pizzeria showcases Italian interpretations of New York pizza, blending the crunch of New York City style crust and the airy, light characteristics associated with traditional Italian pizza.  To achieve this balance, Giulio Adriani has created a signature blend of American and Italian flours as well as a natural yeast without sugar to create the pizzeria’s proprietary dough (vegan and gluten-free pizza will also be available).  Sourced when possible from local Southern California farmer’s markets, toppings include fresh broccoli, artichoke hearts, bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach along with house-sliced Italian pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, housemade pesto, ricotta and mozzarella, and meatballs from Adriani’s family recipe.

The menu highlights eight specialty pizzas with one seasonally rotating special, two salads, appetizers, and dessert.  The most traditionally Italian pizzas on the menu showcase the housemade mozzarella including the Nonna (San Marzano tomato sauce, housemade mozzarella, basil, EVOO, parmesan) and the Caprese (San Marzano tomato sauce, housemade mozzarella, basil).  Additional items include:

Margherita  tomato sauce, mozzarella

Tricolore  tomato sauce, truffle oil, home made pesto

Vegetariana  housemade ricotta, broccoli, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, garlic, spinach, mozzarella

Pepperoni  tomato sauce, mozzarella, hot Italian salami

Sausage  tomato sauce, mozzarella, sweet Italian sausage

Nutella  Nutella, sliced almonds, powdered sugar

Kale or Romaine Caesar Salad  housemade Caesar dressing (with no raw eggs)

Simple Arugula Salad  lemon and olive oil 

Inspired by classic Italian cinema, the name Pellicola translates to “film” in Italian and the logo was inspired by Fellini’s 1973 Italian comedy-drama, Armacord.  The 1,400 square feet of interior space honors the original penny tile floor and exposed brick by bringing in elements of rough cut American White Oak to reinforce the rustic and industrial space.  Paying homage to the inspiration behind the logo and name, black and white Italian films will be projected in the space for guests to experience from the communal table and classic pizza rail.

Pellicola Pizzeria is located at 421 West 8th Street, in Downtown Los Angeles and will be open seven days a week from 5:00PM to 3:00AM.