Caña Rum Society

@ Caña Rum Bar

Caña Rum Society this month is All-American featuring Charbay and René from Northern California as well as Prichard’s from Tennessee.  I’ve even managed to con Chris Solomon, René’s distiller, to come down here and give rumdood a break on the talky-talk while he tells you how he came up with the unique power-trio of molasses that makes René rock so hard.  We’ll warm y’all up for Chris with two rums that highlight more of that good ol’ American ingenuity: Charbay’s Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Prichard’s Fine.  RSVP a seat and taste why these spirits’ unique production methods were worth the effort.

RSVPs will be emailed back for confirmation and seating for this Rum Society will be strictly held to the confirmed RSVPs in the interest of being gracious hosts.  Once we release one distiller back into the wild happy and unharmed, who knows who else we can lure back to our lair.

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