Cole’s Makes the List in “A Handy Guide to LA’s Most Iconic Sandwiches” – Eater LA

March 27th, 2013 — 1:36pm

A Handy Guide to LA’s Most Iconic Sandwiches, 3/25/13 – Eater LA

Los Angeles has its fair share of great sandwiches, and even takes credit for inventing one: the French dip. Since the “accident” of the French dip in the early 20th century, L.A.’s sandwich pantheon has added many standard-bearing types, such as the pastrami, corned beef, Italian submarine, Cuban, Greek and even Vietnamese sandwiches, a claim to its diversity from Westside to Eastside. In addition to decades-old favorites, there are some new-school sandwiches that have become instant classics. Here presented, L.A.’s Most Iconic Sandwiches. Read more and find out about Cole’s!