213 Nightlife Events - May 25, 2012

  • Gods of Macho
    May 25, 2012 10:00pm
    @ Casey's Irish Pub

    They wear pink. And they fucking rock! It's true, some dudes can wear pink and still kick your ass. Don't worry, The Gods of Macho won't literally beat you up but they will wear pink. And might call upon the power of Satan to give them the power to to rock harder than any other band, in the world! I was just thinking, what would Lemmy from Motorhead look like in pink? Anyways, about The Gods of Macho...They are a hard rock band from Los Angeles who play it loud and heavy. And it's the perfect chaser to your shots of Jameson. It doesn't matter if you likes glam punk, metal, even did the humpty dance once or twice in your lifetime, you will love The Gods of Macho. I guarantee it. And if you're not sold at the end of the show I won't refund you anything. It's FREE all month! Get used to it!

    Do your ears a favor and listen to me champ, You'll be glad you did!

    They also have a new e.p. coming out in May as well. Hear all the new shit!

    The Gods of Macho

    Every Friday in May at Casey's

    Dave Freeman - 213 Music Director