Golden Gopher Craft Beer Society: Anchor Brewing

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Hello fellow beer lovers!

Please join us on Monday, December 10th at 7pm for the Golden Gopher’s December Beer Society with Anchor Brewing! Please note, we are starting at 7pm sharp in order to get through all of the beers. Morgan Ross-Smith from Anchor Brewing will be tasting you on 7 of their amazing beers:

Anchor Steam
Anchor Liberty Ale
Anchor Brekle’s Brown
Anchor Porter
2012′s Anchor Christmas Ale
Anchor Vintage Christmas Ale – This is from Morgan’s personal beer cellar!
Anchor Our Barrel Ale – Super rare and not available to the public anymore. Also from her personal collection!

Anchor Brewing Company was founded in 1896 and is one of the oldest breweries in existence. It was purchased by Frederick Louis Maytag III in 1965, saving it from closure. It is one of the last remaining breweries to produce California Common Beer, also known as Steam Beer, a trademark owned by the company.

For more information on Anchor Brewing pelase go to:

Hope to see you all there!

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Lauren Wong
GM Golden Gopher

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