Golden Gopher Craft Beer Society: Widmer Brewing (Monday, January 14th, 7pm)

January 8th, 2013 — 11:06am

Please join us on Monday, January 14th  at 7pm for the Golden Gopher’s Beer Society with Widmer Brewing!

Widmer Brewing  will be tasting you on 5 of their amazing specialty beers:

Brrr Winter Seasonal
Brrrbon (aged in Maker’s Mark barrels)
O’Riley IPA from the Rotator Series
Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout
Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout

Brothers Kurt & Robert Widmer have been brewing craft beer in Portland, Oregon since 1984.  It is the 9th largest brewing company in the US & part of the Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. When Widmer is mentioned, people often think of their hefeweizen. Most people do not know that in addition to their hefe they offer a range of amazing specialty and seasonal beers. They also have created our favorite gluten free beer “Omission”.

For more information on Widmer Brewing pelase go to:

Hope to see you all there!

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Lauren Wong, Golden Gopher, GM