Las Perlas Recipes

Mix This: The Spanish Fly by Raul Yrastorza of Las Perlas

September 17th, 2013 — 12:27pm

Spanish Fly
Super popular at Las Perlas, it’s simple, it’s awesome it’s…The Spanish Fly Cocktail.

- 1oz Fidencio Mezcal
- 1oz Fernet Branca
- Full Collins glass with Mexican Coke.

Be careful…panties will drop!

For a fun twist that’s just as awesome, substitute Fernet Branca with Branca Menta for the holidays!!! It’s that good!


Raul Yrastorza
Las Perlas

Mix This: The Bloody Maria with Las Perlas GM, Raul Yrastorza

October 10th, 2012 — 4:27pm

Bloody Maria
Las Perlas, 1939
The untold story of the single greatest massacre in U.S history occurred. Unearthed evidence shows that the current address of Las Perlas held an underground opium den and brothel for the famous of Hollywood and for the gangsters that often ate afterwards at Cole’s. Current renovations of the Santa Fe lofts unearthed a safe room full of human remains and and walls stained with blood. The final count of human remains stands at 156. Evidence points to Maria Pinkerton, owner of the underground den, as the individual responsible for the killings of all 156 male remains. It seems that all killings were done by slicing the throats of her victims after being given a famous laced drink of hers simply know as the Bloody Mary. What made her Bloody Mary so popular was the underground  and very secret spirit from Mexico, MEZCAL in place of Vodka.

Knowing that in this very spot such a brilliant cocktail was created in the shadows of such horror is an honor. We here at Las Perlas can only hope that we will be able to find out the true reason behind the mass killing….until then….come and enjoy our Bloody Maria starting late fall.

2 oz Mezcal,
Tomato juice,
Clamato Juice,
Chicken Broth,
Roasted Garlic,
Chipotle Morita Chilies,
Celery Salt,
Magi Sauce,
Worcestershire Sauce,
Black Pepper,
Orange juice,
Green onion and cherry tomato garnish

Above ingredients cold smoked in a smoker using Hickory.

Raul Yrastorza, Las Perlas, GM

Mix This: The Tijuana Gigolo @ Las Perlas

July 31st, 2012 — 3:18pm

Introduced two summers ago, the “Tijuana Gigolo” is our most popular summer cocktail since the Spiced Daisy.

The Tijuana Gigolo is a simple concoction of the following ingredients:

In a tin muddle three blackberries and the add the following:

- 3/4 oz Corazon Reposado Tequila
- 1 oz Amaro Cio Ciaro(if you cant find Amaro Cia Ciaro, Cynar is a fantastic substitute)
- 1/2 oz Pierre Ferrand Dry rang Curacao
- 2 dash Regan’s #6 orange bitters
- 3/4 oz lime juice

Add ice to tin and do a quick, short, wet shake and dump into a long Collins glass. Fill glass with ice. Grab some good ginger beer and fill remaining glass with it, float a 1/4 oz of your favorite mezcal on top. Garnish with blackberry’s and an orange twist.


Las Perlas- Mezcal and Tequila
General Manager

Mix This: The Disco Mariachi with Las Perlas GM Raul Yrastorza

May 8th, 2012 — 4:21pm

It’s spring time and that means its time to bring back our popular spring cocktail the “Disco Mariachi”

The Disco Mariachi
- 2oz Single Village Mezcal
- 1oz Green Chartreuse
- 3/4oz House-made Orgeat
- 3/4oz Pineapple Juice
- 1/2oz Fresh squeezed Lime Juice
- Dry shake
- Pour over crushed ice
- Swizzle
- Top with an aromatic bitters such as angostura

Kick off your work shoes and sit back on the patio at Las Perlas….your amongst friends!

Raul Yrastorza, Las Perlas, General Manager

Mix This: The Puro

March 21st, 2012 — 4:57pm

The puro cocktail is the cocktail of choice of our staff here at Las Perlas. We call it “a big boy cocktail”.

We prefer that you use one of the two suggested brands of mezcal for this cocktail.

Del Maguey Minero Mezcal
This forgotten mezcal from Del Maguey is amazing and its style is unique to others made outside of the area of Minas.  While other Mezcals use a still made of copper and use rubber tubing, Minero uses a clay still with bamboo tubing to extract the mezcal from the still. The clay and bamboo help create a mezcal with a wonderful fruitiness to go a long with the slight smoke in the background. Minero™ has a nose full of flower essence, vanilla, figs, with a burnt honey flavor and a bit of lemon. Minero is deep and warm, sweet all the way to the finish.


Fidencio Madrecuixe Mezcal
Is a low yield, wild agave, foraged in the mountains of San Baltazar Guelavila. The agave is harvested after 12 years, and roasted five days in the ground with black oak. Double distilled and bottled undiluted, Joven (unaged). The nose is mineral and floral. The smoke is bold which is balanced with firm, mouthwatering acidity with notes of toffee and stone. The mouth feel is unctuous and leathery. The finish is long and dry. This is a full bodied, complex sipper.

- 2oz Del Maguey Minero
- 2oz Fidencio Madrecuixe
- 1 Old Fashion Glass
- Muddle 1 Bitter Truth Chocolate Mole bitters soaked sugar cube w/ a small splash of water
- Ice (preferably a single large cube that fits the glassware)
- Stir until cold and to taste
- 1 grapefruit twist (do not stir into cocktail, just twist to extract oil and lay down the inside of cocktail)
- Garnish with a mezcal infused (optional) Luxardo cheery or just a regualr Luxardo Cherry


Raul Yrastorza
Las Perlas- Mezcal and Tequila
General Manager