Mix This: Hot Toddy with Tony Saloon’s own Plex Lowery

December 11th, 2013 — 11:53am

Yup–we’re still in Fall. Winter doesn’t officially start until Dec 21st. That by no means is stopping some people here in LA from running around in Triple FAT Goose jackets like they are geologist in the Antarctic. C’mon ya’ll, its 70 degrees outside still! We are still in Southern Cali!

We are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled! Okay, you’re still cold, even though the sun’s beating down on you? Okay, i’m not going to argue anymore. Is that a sniffle I hear? You think you’re catching a cold?! Oh brother, give me a break!

Okay, here, make this. You’ll feel better. What? You’re no good at making drinks? Please, its as simple

as it gets. THERE IS NO REASON WHY YOU SHOULD MESS THIS UP. Easy peazy. I’m even gonna let you pick your favorite liquor, how about that? Happy now?

Hot Toddy
- 2 shots of your favorite liquor
- Hot water
- 1/2 good sized Lemon squeezed
- 2-3 teaspoons of Honey
- Anything else you think will be nice in it (cinnamon stick, clove, floral tea bag)

Put contents in a heat insulated mug. Drink, and feel better.

Plex Lowery, General Manager, Tony’s Saloon