NBA Playoffs 2012 Food Fight – The Daily Meal

May 16th, 2012 — 6:19pm

Which team’s hometown treats are tops?

By Lauren Mack, Editor

While the last eight NBA teams battle it out on the court for the championship title, The Daily Meal has decided to have them battle it out in the kitchen, too. We’ve made a food bracket based on the NBA Playoff bracket for each NBA team’s hometown treats. Read the origins of these iconic treats and decide which NBA team has the better food by voting in our NBA Playoffs 2012 Food Fight poll. Let the food fight begin!

Los Angeles Lakers’ French Dip Sandwich:

What Is a French Dip Sandwich: A sandwich filled with USDA prime beef, pork, pastrami, turkey or lamb with optional cheese served with a bowl of au jus for dipping. Cole’s serves a house made atomic horseradish mustard to accompany the sandwich giving it a delicious spicy kick.

Where to Eat a French Dip Sandwich: Named for Henry Cole, Cole’s is the oldest public house in Los Angeles and is housed in the hollow of the historic Pacific Electric Building.


Mix This: Thomas Mint Julep

May 15th, 2012 — 4:34pm

Thomas Mint Julep
- 5-10 small, tender mint leaves
- Additional small bundle of mint sprigs, for garnish
- 1 white sugar cube
- 1/4oz simple syrup
- 2oz Cognac
- 1/2oz Jamaican or other aged rum
- Powdered sugar, for garnish

Place the sugar cube and tender mint leaves in a silver or metal julep cup. Press gently to break the cube and release the essential oils in the mint, while keeping the leaves intact. DO NOT MUDDLE. Add Cognac, simple syrup and crushed or shaved ice. Swizzle until the cup is frosted. Add short straw and pack a bit more ice on top of the cup. Drizzle the rum over the top. Gently clap mint sprigs to release their aroma and press stems into the ice to create a bouquet shaped garnish. Dust with powdered sugar.

As the weather turns warm, Southerners and cocktail nerds renew the age-old debate over what to put in a Julep and how to serve it. We’re currently featuring this version from famed 19th century barman Jerry Thomas, but that doesn’t stop us from knocking back a Julep made from Bourbon for comparison’s sake. And we’ll happily sip a Georgia Julep with Cognac and peach brandy, or a Prescription Julep with Cognace and Rye. After sampling a few of each, it’s doubtful we’ll be in any condition to make a meaningful contribution to the Julep debate, but we will always insist on a few essentials: a frosted cup; mint that is never over-muddled; and crushed or shaved ice. If you only have cubed ice, use a tin, a towel, a heavy muddler and some elbow grease to turn it into crushed ice!

Max Seaman, The Varnish, GM

Satellite Bars –

May 15th, 2012 — 1:07pm

Contributed by Alia Akkam

Speakeasy-style joints complete with secret entrances and unlisted phone numbers may be old hat, but there’s now a new breed of even-more-intimate establishments opening across the country.

The best part? You can find these watering holes inside some of your favorite pre-existing bars.

After devouring a hearty French dip sandwich at Cole’s in downtown LA, walk past the red booths to Eric Alperin’s cocktail den. You’ll most likely have to wait for a seat, but his list of expertly mixed standards is worth it.

What to Drink: Holland Cobbler (genever, Curaçao, raspberry, lemon juice, grated nutmeg)


Music Monday: Planets Every Saturday in June

May 14th, 2012 — 3:49pm

In 2009, after writing together for 2+ years, filmmaker Adam Stilwell and guitarist Adam Cotton decided to turn their overflowing well of songs into a massive narrative, based on Stilwell’s dark stories and Cotton’s bottomless wealth of musical ambition. In a year’s time, the two-man show grew into a twenty-person production. Friends lent there talents and one by one joined the band, creating a one of a kind creative collective that performed rock operas such as “TheLandofTheNewGhosts” and “TheBigDrowningHeart” , and most recently, “TheDarkWoods” in the strange corners of Los Angeles.

Planets pride themselves on being a band in which not all instruments are musical. Dancers, actors, puppeteers, zombies and robots come together with a do it yourself attitude and an eye on arts and crafts. Inspired by adventurous bands like The Who and Pink Floyd, Disney’s early fairytales and televised narrative mysteries such as Lost, Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone, a Planets show can be described as a big rock show in the form of a junior high stage play.

Catch the wonders of Planets every Saturday in June. No Cover. And No telescopes.

Dave Freeman, 213 Music Director