This Weekend with 213

May 4th, 2012 — 1:00pm

Friday, May 4th

Casey’s Irish Pub – Gods of Macho

They wear pink. And they fucking rock! It’s true, some dudes can wear pink and still kick your ass. Don’t worry, The Gods of Macho won’t literally beat you up but they will wear pink. And might call upon the power of Satan to give them the power to to rock harder than any other band, in the world! I was just thinking, what would Lemmy from Motorhead look like in pink? Anyways, about The Gods of Macho…They are a hard rock band from Los Angeles who play it loud and heavy. And it’s the perfect chaser to your shots of Jameson. It doesn’t matter if you likes glam punk, metal, even did the humpty dance once or twice in your lifetime, you will love The Gods of Macho. I guarantee it. And if you’re not sold at the end of the show I won’t refund you anything. It’s FREE all month! Get used to it!

Casey’s Irish Pub – NBA Playoffs: Lakers vs. Nuggets
Come and support our local Lakers as they take on Denver Nuggets tonight @ Casey’s Irish Pub. What better way to spend this evening than watching the Lakers on one or all of the many flat screen TV’s in Casey’s. Don’t forget to order a drink first. It will help them win. Go Lakers!

Caña Rum Bar – Native Wayne
Tonight Grammy-winning reggae luminary Wayne Hobson, also known as Native Wayne to his Indie 103 fans, will be behind the wheels of steel bringing us the good vibes via an eclectic set of classic reggae, dancehall, afrobeat, and whatever else he deems worthy of your listening pleasure. It’s Friday night, so if you’d like to ensure yourself a table or bring more than three guests, reservations are necessary. Right near the beach… Boyyyyyyyyyy!

Las Perlas – Kapsoul Records
What does Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rare Groove Disco have in common with Tequila? Las Perlas!!!! That’s right Kapsoul Records presents every Friday at Las Perlas with DJ Kap, Ohmae & Chikaramanga. Come in and get drunk…. Or stay sober depending on what you’re in to.

Saturday, May 5th

Las Perlas – Cinco de Mayo
This year we have quite an event for you. Courtesy of our sponsor Herradura, we will be serving $5 Margaritas, $5 Herradura Silver shots and $4 Modello Especial cans. Julio Arenas (voted best street taco in LA) will be selling his street tacos on the patio for $1.50 a piece (Chicken, Carne Asada, Pastor and Chorizo). Because Cinco De Mayo is such a celebrated holiday the bar will be open from noon until close. Come on in and celebrate the 5th of May with us!

Cole’s Red Car Bar – Kentucky Derby Party
This May for the Derby, Cole’s Red Car Bar is hosting a Louisville family style Derby Party. Who knows better how to host this event then Brent Falco the girl who was born and raised in Louisville, Ky- who also happens to be the Bar Manager of Cole’s. And what is this family style party??? Here’s how it works. You show up and have one of Brent’s mom’s home-style mint juleps & Derby Pie, draw one of the Derby horses names from a bartender’s hat, cheer on the horse you drew as the race is running, and if your horse comes in 4th, 3rd, 2nd, or 1st you win a prize. Of course the prizes, like the $ at the track, get higher in value depending on the place of your horse. For those who don’t win? Well, like the track we only have more cocktails and food for you to drown your sorrow. If you can’t go to the track, we hope you join us for as close as you can get to Louisville hospitality.

Seven Grand – Bulleit Kentucky Derby Party
This coming May 5th, Kentucky Derby Day, Noon to 4pm, we will be hosting a viewing party with Hollis Bulleit from Bulleit Bourbon.

We will be asking a 20$ donation at the door to benefit Speedrack, an organization that supports Breast Cancer Research and helps women in the bar business who have been afflicted with the disease.

Hollis will be MC, Bulleit Mint Juleps and Bulleit Rye Old-Fashioneds will be flowing, BBQ will be served, the Kentucky Derby will be on the Big Screen, and Prizes will be awarded for the Best Hat and Best Bow-Tie/Seersucker Suit Combo.

The first 100 people through the door will receive a Bulleit glass, so grab some friends, get dressed-up, and come celebrate for a great cause! The lovely ladies of LUPEC LA (Ladies United for the Preservation of Classic Cocktails) will be in attendance, supporting, so don’t slack on the duds.

Casey’s Irish Pub – NBA Playoffs: Clippers vs. Grizzlies
Calling all Clipper fans! Casey’s will be showing the game tonight as the Clippers once again face off against Memphis. Come on in and watch on our one of many flat screen TV’s. If you show up it’s sure to be a Clipper win. Don’t forget to buy a beer. Go Clippers!

Casey’s Irish Pub – Animal Raps
A good friend of mine called me and said, “Dude, you have to check out this guy who raps in a bear suit!”. So, like a good friend I listened to “the guy in a bear suit.” And I have to say, the dude has rhymes! He calls himself Animal Raps. And he raps about animals! Duh! Check out Animal Raps every Saturday at Casey’s with a special guest each week. No Cover. Just rhymes, and a bear suit.

Las Perlas – DJ Darren Revell
Las Perlas welcomes DJ Darren Revell from 103′s Big Sonic Heaven tonight. Darren will be spinning everything from Post Punk to New Wave to Eighties so grab your head bands and leg warmers and get on down here. We’ll see you then!

Caña Rum Bar – Music Selector Jose Galvan
Its time for you to stop living and start winning! What better way to do that than to join us @ Caña Rum Bar for Jose Galvan. Tonight and every Saturday night Jose joins us playing Latin Alternative, Funky Beats and Caribbean Rhythms. We will also be serving some of the most delicious rum cocktails ever to have touched your tongue. Get in here and get some!

Sunday, May 6th

Casey’s Irish Pub – NBA Playoffs: Lakers vs. Nuggets
Come and support our local Lakers as they take on Denver Nuggets tonight @ Casey’s Irish Pub. What better way to spend this evening than watching the Lakers on one or all of the many flat screen TV’s in Casey’s. Don’t forget to order a drink first. It will help them win. Go Lakers!

Margaritas Meet Metro – Thrillist

May 4th, 2012 — 12:01pm

LA’s best margs, via LA’s most underused mode of transportation

Because Cinco de Mayo is mañana, we spent the last month working on our Spanish so we could learn to say… mañana (!), but also sipping LA margs.

After racking up millions of dollars in cab fare, we finally decided to take the plunge… literally, into the no-man’s-land known as “the Metro”, to find the tastiest ‘ritas that’re also an easy walk from an LA subway station, ensuring you can actually crawl your way through the list. Oh, and because you have no idea how to use this “train”, we’ve got a photo guide on how to do it all.


What We’re Reading: An Ode to the Los Angeles cocktail movement

May 3rd, 2012 — 2:25pm

Chin Up Cocktail at The VarnishFrom Highland Park to Venice Beach, Our New Columnist Finds That the Cocktail Moment Has Become a Movement – LA Weekly

By Patrick Comiskey

The drink is called the Chin-Up, which seems inadequate as solace, halfhearted as a name. It blends Beefeater’s gin and Cynar, a peculiar digestif containing cynarine, the active ester that gives the artichoke its odd aftertaste. It is finished with muddled cucumber, a splash of vermouth, a pinch of salt.

It is not a drink you would ever in your life ask for, and yet there it is before you, miles from a martini. When you walked into the Varnish, the bar next to the bar at Cole’s sandwich shop downtown, and said to the bartender, “Surprise me,” you certainly weren’t anticipating this sort of surprise. But now it’s here, and in the next 30 seconds you’ll learn whether you’re anywhere near as adventurous as the drink you just ordered.

Such is the state of things in the cocktail scene in Los Angeles, 2012. The initial flurry of activity came toward the end of the last decade, when the Doheny, the Varnish and the Edison opened; when restaurant programs at Providence, Comme Ça and Rivera kicked into high gear; when bar talent from New York and elsewhere swooped in on pop-up venues like the ephemeral Test Kitchen, or elevated the brilliant and short-lived Tar Pit. In the three years since Jonathan Gold declared this “the Cocktail Moment in Los Angeles” in these pages, the Moment has become a Movement — one that shows no signs of slowing down.

Many of the city’s most successful cocktail impresarios — Cedd Moses, Julian Cox, Mark and Johnny Houston, Vincenzo Marianella — have established consulting companies that routinely fire up new recipes, new techniques, new disciplines and schools of thought, employing a bewildering array of new products, served up in venues as thematically diverse as Paris is to Havana. If Los Angeles is one of this country’s great melting pots, its bar scene is rapidly becoming its mirror.


Photo by Anne Fishbein

Golden Gopher: Hangar 24 Tap Takeover – Beers in Paradise

May 2nd, 2012 — 12:04am

Beers in Paradise had a chance to visit Golden Gopher in downtown Los Angeles for their Hangar 24 tap takeover this past Thursday, April 19th. On hand from Hanger 24 was brewer John Kopta and marketing guru, Rafael Hurtado. The Hanger 24 brand has been ubiquitous around local super markets and liquor stores throughout Southern California. Lately, Hangar 24 Brewery has been making more of an impact towards the craft beer community, due to their popular Barrel Roll series. This is why we had to attend this special event at the Golden Gopher. The evening was dedicated to their special new Barrel Roll#4 release of Hammerhead Barleywine, as well as a returning appearance of their already popular Pugachev’s Cobra Russian Imperial Stout. Comparing both side-by-side, was simply heavenly, add Golden Gopher ambient atmosphere, and you got yourself an epic night.

The Golden Gopher is growing popular with Craft Beer, (20 craft beer taps) along with outstanding customer service and a prolific music menu, this is sure to be best spot to entertain and convert your non-craft beer friend. Don’t go anywhere with people that don’t drink beer? Have them try their “beer cocktails” (coming soon). They have two that incorporate beer along with flavored tequila and other ingredients for a more cocktail taste. We’d like to thank the Golden Gopher for converting people into craft beer, in whatever way they can. The “Mexican Phoenix” was rather tasty. It’s Bootlegger’s Black Phoenix with jalapeno tequila, topped with cocoa powder was simply amazing.

Golden Gopher’s diverse list of craft beer, curated by the Beer Chicks, is specially designed to suit the taste buds of a beginner craft beer drinker to a more educated craft beer geek. Personally, we went for Hanger 24’s Barrel Roll Series, the Pugachev’s Cobra and Hammerhead, but along with Hanger 24, some of the other breweries that supply them and our taste buds are Ballast Point, Bootlegger’s, Cismontane, Allagash, and Stone to name a few. Their beer menu is available on their website, but for a more current menu, you’ll just have to check it out.