Spirit Guide: From Mystery to Hospitality with 4100 Bar’s Travis McFarland

February 11th, 2014 — 1:26pm

Before working in a bar, I was always mystified by the job of the bartender; their ability to produce a long list of drinks, some seemingly more intricate than others, to take payment and give change, all while engaging in conversation with their many guests. The speed and effectiveness behind the heuristics that allow the bartender to entertain and deliver with an air of confidence seemed like impossible tasks. Obviously not all bartenders carry this work ethic and confidence, but in general, the role of, “the bartender”, seemed very intimidating. These thoughts became even more apparent when I was offered the job of barback at my favorite bar, the 4100 Bar.

Once I began working alongside these working bon vivants, I was able to see their tricks and techniques to make all those mystified tasks possible. I was lucky enough to eventually be given the opportunity to become a bartender and to be trained to perform those remarkable efforts. I felt like a magician’s apprentice. I went from barback to bartender at 4100 Bar and eventually at The Golden Gopher, as well. Working within these two bars I see the importance of warm hospitality, and of providing my guests with that same feeling of comfort and delight that I once shared. I’m glad to use my new talents and abilities to help my guests feel like they’re in a welcoming, enjoyable place that offers them good drinks and a good time.

Travis McFarland/4100 Bar/Bartender

Seven Grand DTLA Whiskey Society: Compass Box w/ Robin Robinson, Wed., 2/12, 7pm

February 7th, 2014 — 11:11am

Compass Box Vert
This coming Wednesday, Feb. 12th, at 7pm, we will be hosting U.S. Brand Ambassador Robin Robinson from Compass Box. Robin will taste and educate us on some of the unique and amazing whiskies from his line. These guys are doing some things that no one else is doing, and creating some the most exciting blends on the market. Come learn with Robin, he’s a great educator.

A Welcome Punch will be served at 6:30pm, late-comers will not be seated, but can wait to meet Robin after the event, and enjoy Compass Box drink specials with their membership card while they wait. Come early and get cozy with your neighbors!

RSVP on the link below:

Register Here!

Memberships for the Seven Grand Whiskey Society can purchased at the bar, dues are $120 per year, and allow the bearer to bring a guest to any event. First-timers can pay a one-time $15 fee for admittance.

Be sure to come check out the Bar Jackalope, our new sipping lounge and tasting library, located in the back room at Seven Grand. We are open 9pm- 1:30am, Sunday through Thursday, offering tasting flights, hand-carved ice, whiskey and poetry books, a cigar patio, and table-side hospitality. We think you are really going to like it.

We look forward to seeing you.

Pedro, currently sipping Tiger. “Far East’s Finest.”

Pedro Shanahan, Spirit Guide,
Seven Grand Whiskey Bar, Co-curator,
Whiskey Society L.A.

For more info on the Whiskey Society:

And some more fun links, our photo/video report from whiskey travels in Ireland in September:

White-Knuckle Driving: Seven Grand crew travels to Ireland!

A great video featuring John Glaser, Master Blender at Compass Box:

Seven Grand DTLA Whiskey Society: Four Roses with Master Distiller Jim Rutledge, Tues., 2/11, 7pm

February 6th, 2014 — 4:33pm

Four Roses Vert
This coming Tuesday, Feb. 11th, we will be hosting Master Distiller Jim Rutledge from Four Roses. Jim is a true Statesman of Whiskey and is responsible for making some of the most amazing Bourbons in the world. He will taste and educate us on the Four Roses marks, and some special treats, to be sure. Do not miss this.

Attendance will be capped for this one, with preference given to paid-up members. Late-comers will not be seated, but can present their membership card and enjoy Four Roses drink specials at the main bar in waiting to meet Jim after the event.

If you can’t register, don’t stress, we have another event on Wednesday night. This week will be unforgettable. Stay tuned. More invites to follow.

RSVP now for the Tuesday event on the link below:

Register Here!

Memberships for the Seven Grand Whiskey Society run $120 for a year, can be purchased at the bar, and allow the member to bring a guest to any event.

You are cordially invited come check out our new sipping lounge and tasting library, Bar Jacklope. We are now open Sunday through Thursday, 9pm to 1:30am, in the back room at Seven Grand. Seating is first-come, first served, but if there is a wait, we will text you when your table is ready. Buy your own bottle for the Whiskey Locker.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Pedro, currently sipping Four Roses Single Barrel, Seven Grand Selection. Whoa, baby. Thank you Jean-Michel and Luke!

Pedro Shanahan, Spirit Guide
Seven Grand Whiskey Bar
Co-curator, Whiskey Society L.A.

For more information on the Seven Grand Whiskey Society:

And check out this video from our Barrel Selection during the Kentucky Bourbon Fest 2012, Four Roses really knows how to host. Luke and Jean-Michel went back this year and chose another, it is one of the best whiskies I’ve tasted this year! This amazing juice just flew off the shelf:

If you’re ever out in Kentucky:

Mix This: The Bollodello Spritz with Broadway Bar’s Very Own Ozborne Williams

February 5th, 2014 — 1:21pm

THe Bollodello Spritz
The Bollodello Spritz- Is Broadway Bar’s way of paying homage to the Spritz of Italia. The Italian Spritz is the most popular aperitif cocktail in all of Italy. It is known to have originated in Venice, while it was part of the Austrian Empire. The combination of sparking wine and a bitter liqueur makes it the most perfect and refreshing light cocktail.

Bollodello Spritz Recipe
- 3oz. Sparkling Wine
- 2oz. Aperol
- splash of soda
- garnished with an orange slice

Fill a large rock glass or large wine glass with Ice and toss in an orange slice. Add your sparkling wine and then Aperol. Top it off with a splash of soda and enjoy!

Ozborne Williams / Broadway Bar / Bartender