Seven Grand Whiskey Society DTLA: Heaven Hill w/ Andie Brokaw, Tuesday 3/26, 7 & 8:30pm!

March 18th, 2013 — 11:47am

This week we are hosting Andie Brokaw from Heaven Hill on Tuesday, March 26th with 2 tastings,  7pm and 8:30. This is a Bonded Tasting! Andie will taste and educate us on Mellow Corn, Old Fitzgerald Bonded, Rittenhouse Rye 100, and Henry McKenna Single Barrel Seven Grand Selection. A Welcome Punch will be served a 1/2 hour before each education.

RSVP for the 8:30pm tasting by hitting the link below, or check the other email I sent to RSVP for the next email you got from me to do the 7pm tasting. Please only register for one:

Register Here!

To learn more about the Seven Grand Whiskey Society in Los Angeles, check the link beneath my signature. Memberships are $120 a year and can be purchased at the bar. You can bring a guest to any event.

We provide tasting/educations at least once a month. Late-comers will not be seated, but can wait at the bar to meet Andie after the event.

We also offer private tasting for small groups and parties.

If you’re not a member, no worries. First one is on us.

We look forward to seeing you.

Pedro, currently sipping Henry McKenna Single Barrel Seven Grand Selection. Come get some.

Pedro Shanahan
Spirit Guide, Seven Grand Whiskey Bar L.A.
Co-Curator, Whiskey Society L.A.

213 St. Patrick’s Day Festivities!

March 15th, 2013 — 1:42pm

If you’re not already going to our annual Casey’s St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival then take a look at our other venues and their happenings on this drunken green Irish day (aka March 17th).  Enjoy!

4100 Bar
- $2 Off Everything Irish

Broadway Bar
- Open @ 7pm
- $5 Jameson Shots All Night

Caña Rum Bar
- Green Daiquiris – House Price

Casey’s Irish Pub
- St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival Obviously Click here for more details!

Cole’s Red Car Bar
- Corned Beef and Sauerkraut on Rye – $10
- Irish Punch – $8
- Irish Julep – $8
- Irish Old Fashioned – $8
- Jameson Pickle Back – $6
- Match Up Shots: Bushmills & Angostura Bitters / Tullamore Dew & Ginger Beer – $6
- Irish Coffee – $8
- Guinness Floats – $8
- Irish Coffee Milkshakes – $8

Golden Gopher
- $5 Green Beer
- $6 Bushmills
- $10 Car Bombs

Las Perlas
- Open from noon to 12am
- $5 Margaritas all day
- St. Patty’s Day Combo: choice of a tall boy of Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra or a tall boy of Golden Road Hefe and a shot of Irish Whiskey
- Other drink specials

Seven Grand
- Irish music from 2-5pm
- Special Irish Cocktail Menu with $5 shots, $10 boiler makers and $9 cocktails
- Special Irish only whiskey list
- Car Bomb Bar in the Jackalope Bar
- Free green Seven Grand T-Shirts (while supplies last)

Tony’s Saloon
- Green Irish Whiskey shots and beer – House Price

Come on in and get green!

Pickle Backs Just For You This Sunday!

March 12th, 2013 — 5:05pm

The infamous Pickle Back is like that psycho bi polar girlfriend/boyfriend you had in high school. The one that would love and kiss you and hold you tight….then ten minutes later back hand you across your face, breaking your nose and crushing your favorite pair of Ray Bands. That never happened to you? Oh…well it might some day so you must be ready. Anyhow, point being the Pickle Back is an amazing thing, sweet then salty and oh so delicious, but after a few you might be spinning out of control and into the bushes. Let this be a warning as we are going to be serving a whole lot of them this Sunday for Casey’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival. The biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in LA! Food, drinks, games, giveaways & fundraising for the Arthur Guinness Foundation. Featuring the country’s best tribute bands The Potentials, Hollywood U2, Fan Halen, The Police Experience! Entrance at Wilshire & Hope. Free general admission before 1PM, $8 GA after 1PM, $20 VIP fast pass. Don’t forget your liver and don’t forget to order our amazing Pickle Back!

Music Monday: Fan Halen Live March 17th at Casey’s St Patrick’s Day Street Festival!

March 11th, 2013 — 4:02pm

Known as “The World’s Most Authentic Tribute to Van Halen”, FAN HALEN sets the stage for a night with Dave, Eddie, Alex and Michael with a true-to-life tribute to not only the band but the spirit of an era! Based in Southern California, FAN HALEN has been together for 10 years playing to enthusiastic crowds all over the US as well as the globe including Japan, South America, Canada and Mexico.

Ernie Berru as David Lee Roth is so uncanny and convincing it’s got to be witnessed to be believed. From Diamond Dave’s unmistakable costumes to his signature scream and unique vocal delivery, Ernie delivers the swagger and bravado second only to Roth himself!

Derek Fuller as Edward Van Halen recreates Edward’s classic guitar tone, playing every riff and solo with as much fury and technique as Edward himself, while capturing all of the enthusiasm and flash of Eddie’s engaging live personality.

George DuBose as Michael Anthony looks strikingly like Michael and supplies the low-end bass groove, high-end energy, and most importantly the high harmony backing vocals, which is essential in delivering the quintessential signature sound of Van Halen.

Mike Russo as Alex Van Halen behind his amazing circa 1984 24-piece double-barreled quad bass drum Ludwig kit delivers the thunderous rhythms and heavy artillery with all the enthusiasm, energy and ear-to-ear grin that Alex brought to Van Halen every night.

You won’t believe your eyes or ears when you come to a FAN HALEN show as you’ll feel like its 1984 all over again! From the look of the band, the choreography, the note-for-note reproduction of the greatest rock songs ever written to the sonic energy of the performance, nothing is overlooked…in other words, while FAN HALEN is on stage they are Van Halen!

Dave Freeman,
213 Music Director