Mix This: The Tall Stack with 4100 Bar GM Ralph Vincent DiTucci

November 13th, 2012 — 4:44pm

Tall Stack
- 1.75 oz. Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey
- .5 oz. Pure Maple Syrup
- .75 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
- Shake and strain over crushed ice in an Old Fashioned Glass

The “Tall Stack” is a light, sweet and refreshing cocktail that’s become extremely popular among the 4100 Bar “regulars” this summer.

Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey is the perfect spirit to concoct the “Tall Stack.” It is the first new American Wheat Whiskey introduced since Prohibition. Bernheim is also the first whiskey that uses winter wheat as its primary grain. The soft and sweet notes in the winter wheat marry beautifully with the pure maple syrup. This cocktail is called a “Tall Stack” because the flavor profile created by Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey, Maple Syrup and fresh lemon juice is deliciously reminiscent of a tall, yummy stack of breakfast pancakes!

Ralph Vincent DiTucci ~ General Manager – 4100 Bar

BBQ, Beer & Biscuits @ Tony’s Saloon! (11.11.12, 2pm till Sold Out!)

November 9th, 2012 — 1:34pm

If you are a fan of BBQ then you must come out to Tony’s Saloon Sunday afternoon. The theme of the BBQ is: LOCAL! We aren’t doing “North Carolina,” “Texas,” “Memphis,” or anything in between. We are doing true LA BBQ, because the pig was born, raised, butchered, smoked, and served all inside LA county, by people who live, work, and eat here.

About the pig:
- 200# Yorkshire/Hampshire cross, bred and raised by Lefty Ayers at Reride Ranch.
- Sourced through Lindy & Grundy’s Meats, butchered by yours truly.
- Pig will be broken down into specific pieces which each have different time and temperature requirements for smoking.
-Our offerings will include pulled pork shoulder, bone-in loin and sirloin, bone-in belly (spare ribs attached to whole belly), smoked sausages (made from the hams), and 1 whole smoked head.

The Menu:
-Smoked pork sold by the #. (Price will be same for all cuts except sausage. Sausages will be sold per link)
-Homemade pickles
-Cole Slaw
-Ice cream

Holly and Adam are Southern transplants to LA, working with local products to create a unique bbq experience. Adam Vourvoulis- A native of Los Angeles (like the pig we’re cooking) who over the past 4 years has worked at church & state (under Chef Walter Manzke), Osteria Mozza and ink. Sommelier by trade.

WhiskyCast HD episode on Seven Grand DTLA just hit YouTube!

November 8th, 2012 — 3:24pm

The WhiskyCast HD episode on Seven Grand just hit YouTube, check it out below.

Spirit Guide: The Most Under Appreciated Cocktail Ingredient w/ Seven Grand San Diego’s Own Brett Winfield

November 7th, 2012 — 5:39pm

Ice: The Most Under Appreciated Cocktail Ingredient

When we look at cocktail recipes these days there are generally a list of ingredients, instructions on their preparation, proper glassware, and garnishment choices.  However, in the vast majority of these recipes the proper ice to use is usually left out.  Every cocktail you drink is made with or served on ice so the use of quality ice is of the utmost importance and yet it is generally overlooked.  Ice provides two main functions in the preparation of a proper cocktail, Chilling and Dilution.  No one likes a warm cocktail, unless it’s a Hot Toddy, Sling or Irish coffee of course, so chilling the cocktail is an essential part of concocting a quality beverage.  Dilution, or the addition of water though melting ice, helps provide balance and continuity to the cocktail.  Just as master distillers add water to their spirits to bring them down to drinking strength and marry the flavors, bar tenders add water through melting ice to achieve the same goals.  Proper ice should be in large solid pieces kept at or below freezing.  These large cold pieces of ice melt slower and chill cocktails faster, which enables the bar tender to manipulate all aspects of the drinks anatomy and serve you a cocktail at its very finest.


Brett Winfield
Lead Bartender – Seven Grand Whiskey Bar – San Diego
Spirit Guide – Seven Grand Whiskey Society – San Diego