Mix This: The Rope Burn with Allan Katz

August 28th, 2012 — 4:09pm

The Negroni is easily the most adaptable of all stirred cocktails. Three ingredients. Equal parts. No fuss. No muss. Though there are countless riffs on the classic Manhattan, it’s elements provide the creative mixer a narrower path to travel consisting of whiskey, aromatized wine, and bitters.

A Negroni adds Amaro to the mix in lieu of bitters and there are many wonderful options available in Campari’s stead. But rather than just swapping in another bittered liqueur in place of Campari and letting the gin and sweet vermouth remain, you can experiment with burlier spirits, a lighter amari like Aperol, and a dry vermouth or a more feminine gin with a stronger red amari like Luxardo bitter. Either way, the resulting drink is almost always delicious.

So I like to always have a negroni riff on Caña’s menu. Makes it easier to realize my goal of one day having a calendar with a negroni for each day of the year. For the spring I selected a drink created by one of our members, Ron Dollete a/k/a Lush Angeles. More than your average barfly blogger, Ron trained with some real deal bartenders to learn the craft and Rope Burn is proof. In place of gin sits Smith & Cross, a monstrous [in a good way] overproof Jamaican rum. In place of Campari Ron opts for Aperol since his choice of aromatized wine carries its own bittered punch. This third ingredient is Bonal, a French gentian liqueur.

Stirred and garnished with a flamed grapefruit twist it’s a perfect digestif, though I can personally recommend enjoying them for breakfast.

Rope Burn
- 1.0 Smith & Cross
- 1.0 Aperol
- 1.0 Bonal Gentiane
- stir -strain to coupe
– flame grapefruit twist & discard w/ out wiping the twist on the rim

Allan Katz, Caña Rum Bar, GM

Music Monday: Fay Wrays Live at Casey’s August 31st

August 27th, 2012 — 3:47pm

We are happy to have the Fay Wrays from Fresno back at Casey’s for a second dose of their art rock n roll / post punk antics on Friday August 31st. With them will be the local LA rockers Downtown / Union. If you need a night of great, well crafted post punk fueled by riffs and energy that is influenced by such bands as Girls Against Boys, Sonic Youth, and Mission To Burma then this Fay Wrays is just what you need! Show starts at 10p and no cover.

Dave Freeman – Music Director

Seven Grand San Diego Official Grand Opening Party! (08/23/12, 8pm)

August 22nd, 2012 — 10:17am

The time has come to have our official grand opening party for Seven Grand San Diego! To celebrate this gracious occasion Seven Grand SD will be offering $5 Wild Turkey Old Fashioned’s as well as great music by The Get Down Boys and River City. Doors open at 8pm. Bring your livers!

Mix This: The Southside

August 21st, 2012 — 4:44pm

A while back, we asked Eric Alperin for a few gin cocktail suggestions. My favorite one that he introduced us to is The Southside. It’s a classic and a perfect summer cocktail.

In researching the drink’s history, there seems to be 3 possible stories of origin:

1. It was created at the Southside Sportsman’s Club on Long Island, NYC, and evolved from the Mint Julep.

2. One says it was created during prohibition at the infamous 21 Club (during prohibition the bar was known as Jack & Charlies).

3. The least likely of the stories (but more exciting), was that it was invented during prohibition in Chicago on the Southside by the infamous and violent Saltis-McErlane gang to make their low quality bathtub spirits more palatable. Most of the evidence suggests that this infamous gang mainly sold beer, not spirits.

The Southside
- 1oz lime
- 3/4oz simple
- 2oz Beefeater Gin
- 5 mint leaves

Hard shake, strain into coupe, mint leaf garnish.

Lauren Wong, Golden Gopher, GM