Golden Gopher Craft Beer Society: Ace Cider (9.24.12, 7pm)

September 12th, 2012 — 1:35pm

Please join us on Monday, September 24th at 7pm for the Golden Gopher’s Cider Society!

Fall is on it’s way, and with it officially starting on the 22nd, we thought we’d switch things up a bit and do a Cider Society this month! We love beer, but we also love cider, especially during fall and winter.

Ace Premium Hard Ciders are some of THE most amazing ciders we’ve ever tasted! They use fresh fruit in their ciders, which is one of the reasons their ciders are amazing.

“For the last 15 years, Ace Ciders have been made in the beautiful Sebastopol area of Sonoma County in California; right along side of famous world renowned wine makers.

Unfortunately, some ciders never see an apple and are poor representations of the category and have given hard cider a bad name. Many ciders are far too perfumy almost Jolly Rancher-tasting and a put-off to those seeking a crisp alcoholic refreshment. Some ciders are very dry and barnyard tasting, especially some of the imports. We challenge you to take a taste test of your own if you don’t believe ACE ciders are America’s Best!”

For more information about Ace:

The owner and his son will be on hand tasting you all on the following:

Ace Berry
Ace Perry
Ace Joker
Ace Apple
Ace Pumpkin
(fall seasonal cider)

Register Here!

Hope to see you all there!

Lauren Wong
General Manager
The Golden Gopher

Music Monday: Middle Initials at Casey’s Every Friday Night!

September 10th, 2012 — 3:33pm

Sebastian Bach, lead singer of the Middle Initials and and his smart, witty, and sarcastic crew of musicians and friends are at Casey’s every Friday in September. The best thing about The Middle Initials is that they are so fucking great! It really is that simple to describe the band. They play you music that is for those who love Elvis Costello, Rufus Wainright, Ben Folds, Ben Kweller and the like. And we love those folks! They also will throw in a cover or two, like the Pixies “Where is my mind?”

Check a few tracks out for yourself right here..They really a must see!

Dave Freeman – Music Director

Casey’s Irish Pub # 3 Top Seller of Jameson Irish Whiskey!

September 6th, 2012 — 4:30pm

That’s right!  This year Casey’s Irish Pub has been recognized as the 3rd top seller of Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Go Casey’s!  Get  yours here.  Let’s make the number one spot!

This Weekend with 213

September 6th, 2012 — 4:08pm

Friday, September 7th

Casey’s Irish Pub – The Middle Initials

The Middle Initials were introduced to me from a fellow booker and friend Mike TV who was the primary booker for a great venue called Mr. T’s Bowl as well as curating shows for The Satelite (formally Spaceland). After seeing Sebastian Bach the lead singer of Middle Initials (not thee Sebastian Bach of the 80′s metal band Skid Row..But he had great hair right?) perform for Casey’s Thursday live music nights I was hooked. Great songs, great melodies and harmonies, sincere, and melancholy. And, they did an amazing cover of the Pixie’s “Where is My Mind?”. Hopefully it will be in the set list for their residency. No Cover and you can see them every Friday in September.

Caña Rum Bar – Native Wayne
Tonight Grammy-winning reggae luminary Wayne Hobson, also known as Native Wayne to his Indie 103 fans, will be behind the wheels of steel bringing us the good vibes via an eclectic set of classic reggae, dancehall, afrobeat, and whatever else he deems worthy of your listening pleasure. It’s Friday night, so if you’d like to ensure yourself a table or bring more than three guests, reservations are necessary. Right near the beach… Boyyyyyyyyyy!

Las Perlas – Natasha Chaney
Shawn Carter and Natasha Chaney met at a party, by the end of the night they were finishing each others sentences. Only three months later BEAUTY OF THE BEATS was born. BEAUTY OF THE BEATS are the vibe setters, tastemakers, and déjà vu creators! Natasha and Shawn, two friends brought together by another (we call her “Charlie”) and a common desire to bring quality, cutting edge, musical gems to any dance floor.

Saturday, September 8th

Casey’s Irish Pub – The Janks w/ Special Guests
Zachary Zmed (Guitar, Keys, Vocals) has been working under The Janks name since 2006, and released their debut record ‘Delicate Mouthfeels’ later that same year. Since 2007 the group went through numerous incarnations until younger brother Dylan Zmed (Mandolin, Vocals) began singing and playing mandolin in the group in early 2010. Since then they released their 2nd record ‘Hands of Time’ in the beginning of 2012 and are now playing all over the greater LA area with drummer Leon LeDoux and bassist Paul Inder. If you are in to Dylan, Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Kinks and great rock n roll bands like that then you will dig these guys! You Can see the Janks every Saturday in September at Casey’s. This band is the shit!

Las Perlas – DJ Darren Revell
Las Perlas welcomes DJ Darren Revell from 103′s Big Sonic Heaven tonight. Darren will be spinning everything from Post Punk to New Wave to Eighties so grab your head bands and leg warmers and get on down here. We’ll see you then!

Caña Rum Bar – Music Selector Jose Galvan
Its time for you to stop living and start winning! What better way to do that than to join us @ Caña Rum Bar for Jose Galvan. Tonight and every Saturday night Jose joins us playing Latin Alternative, Funky Beats and Caribbean Rhythms. We will also be serving some of the most delicious rum cocktails ever to have touched your tongue. Get in here and get some!

Sunday, September 9th

The Varnish – Sinful Sunday’s featuring Niki Lindgren

Speak easy, and she’ll sing hard. The Varnish now featuring Sinful Sunday’s with Niki Lindgren singing cheeky songs from the 20′s, 30′s and 40′s, and Ben Bromfield on the ivories. Come on in for a swell time!