Mixologist Music Video

July 19th, 2012 — 5:13pm

This new music video from the guys who brought us “Whole Foods Parking Lot” made us laugh.

Yes, we take our drinks seriously. No, we will not serve you a cocktail topped with a chicken foot.

Yes, we have Ph.Ds in cocktology. No, that’s not a real word.

This Weekend with 213

July 19th, 2012 — 1:22pm

Friday, July 20th

Casey’s Irish Pub – Son Ark
Son Ark arrived in Los Angeles by way of Roanoke Virginia (which lays exactly between The Grand Ole Opry and Apollo Theatre) when they heard a rumor that Sam Philips was rebuilding Muscle Shoals on the west coast. Since then, son ark has been filling establishments across Los Angeles with their unmistakably unique brand of Americana roots rock and with lyrics that tell tales of bygone eras and heartbreaking love lost, son ark longingly reminds us of days gone by. The songs are not antiques, though. Influenced by the likes of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Patsy Cline, Andrew Bird, and Led Zeppelin, son ark tells their tales in a decidedly contemporary way. See for yourself. And try the pickle back. Trust me.

Caña Rum Bar – Native Wayne
Tonight Grammy-winning reggae luminary Wayne Hobson, also known as Native Wayne to his Indie 103 fans, will be behind the wheels of steel bringing us the good vibes via an eclectic set of classic reggae, dancehall, afrobeat, and whatever else he deems worthy of your listening pleasure. It’s Friday night, so if you’d like to ensure yourself a table or bring more than three guests, reservations are necessary. Right near the beach… Boyyyyyyyyyy!

Las Perlas – Natasha Chaney
Shawn Carter and Natasha Chaney met at a party, by the end of the night they were finishing each others sentences. Only three months later BEAUTY OF THE BEATS was born. BEAUTY OF THE BEATS are the vibe setters, tastemakers, and déjà vu creators! Natasha and Shawn, two friends brought together by another (we call her “Charlie”) and a common desire to bring quality, cutting edge, musical gems to any dance floor.

Saturday, July 21st

Casey’s Irish Pub – Escalator Hill
The heart and lungs of Escalator Hill belong to singer-songwriter Antony Benedetti, whose subtle twang and frenzied strums make Escalator Hill an American anachronism. The band could be from anywhere, or any time; they would be at home playing beside Waylon Jennings or Willie Nelson, Neutral Milk Hotel or the Arcade Fire. This timeless sound springs from Benedetti’s soul-on-his-sleeve spirit that pushes Escalator Hill past the superficiality of faux folk nostalgia acts.

Las Perlas – DJ Darren Revell
Las Perlas welcomes DJ Darren Revell from 103′s Big Sonic Heaven tonight. Darren will be spinning everything from Post Punk to New Wave to Eighties so grab your head bands and leg warmers and get on down here. We’ll see you then!

Caña Rum Bar – Music Selector Jose Galvan
Its time for you to stop living and start winning! What better way to do that than to join us @ Caña Rum Bar for Jose Galvan. Tonight and every Saturday night Jose joins us playing Latin Alternative, Funky Beats and Caribbean Rhythms. We will also be serving some of the most delicious rum cocktails ever to have touched your tongue. Get in here and get some!

In memory of Patrick Kelley

July 18th, 2012 — 6:18pm

Friends and colleagues gathered Monday at Seven Grand in Downtown LA to remember Patrick Kelley, the first employee hired at Seven Grand and a former manager of the bar.

It was only fitting that the memorial were held in the Jackalope Room of the bar that Patrick loved so much he had its logo tattooed on his arm.

Friends and colleagues told animated stories about their fun times and good moments with Patrick, whom we remember as a man who knew better than everyone else how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

After a few hours of drinking whiskey and toasting Patrick, it’s no wonder our photo is a little blurry.

We miss you, Patrick.

Classic Burger Recipes from Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Thanks Internet!

July 18th, 2012 — 2:31pm

by Dean Martin

1 lb. ground beef
2 oz. bourbon—chilled

Preheat a heavy frying pan and sprinkle bottom lightly with table salt. Mix meat, handling lightly, just enough to form into four patties. Grill over medium-high heat about 4 minutes on each side.

Pour chilled bourbon in chilled shot glass and serve meat and bourbon on a TV tray.

by Frank Sinatra

1. Call for Deano.

2. Tell him to make you a fuckin’ burger.

3. Drink his bourbon.