Oozing with class and quality, Seven Grand is the refined crowd’s bar (Examiner)

January 4th, 2012 — 2:44pm

By Samuel Baek, Torrance Restaurant Examiner

“Rolling in the deep” would be a completely different meaning to Adele if she walked in Seven Grand. From the outside, the place is just a sign with an interesting name. But walk past the glass doors, get your ID checked, and head upstairs to a world that is completely out of place, yet completely natural for Los Angeles.


If atmosphere was tangible, this place would be serving it in tuxedos and bow ties at the bar. Deep, rich hues of black walnut and caramel wood soak all light so only the shallow illumination of sparse lighting showers the room. Glass shelves house the vast array of worldly liquor on bottom lit spotlights. Emerald green pool tables occupy the right side of the room, while the impressive bar has it’s foundations to the left. If you didn’t know this place was something special, you’ll know the moment your eyes adjust to this throw back atmosphere.


The people who make up the population to the Seven Grand are those with class and taste. You won’t find a rowdy crowd here or sloshed frat boys. Being a whisky bar, Seven Grand has a rogue gallery of quality: those who know or wandered by suggestion to a place where taste isn’t just found in the variety of liquor. The people are friendly here, enjoying their aromas and flavors through the sips of smoky textures and chilled ice cubes. Feel free to talk to your neighbor. They’ll probably have something interesting to say.


It’s easy for an extravagant place to have a bourgeois staff, but the Seven Grand is anything but. The staff are dressed to the nine, with black vests, black dress shirt, black tie, and black pants. They are clean cut and well groomed. But past the fancy facade, the staff has good eyes and good ears. They are attentive to the inquiries of the customer, and the needs to a good drink. Some bourbons need ice while others don’t. People drink bourbon in different ways. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask the bar keep how you like your drink. They’re there to please.


Being known as a whisky bar, you’d be hard pressed if you don’t have a large selection of whisky. The Seven Grand has it in aces. The place has a full menu that has more liquor than most bars have food and liquor combined. From the Irish single malt to the whisky from Japan and Australia, the selection of liquor is vast and wide. And delicious.


Because the place is a specialty bar, the prices are in the higher range for a glass of scotch. The range is usually from $18 – $25. Although the price sounds steep, you are paying for great quality liquor so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’ll get your money’s worth. Just remember to ask the bar keep what his recommendation is if you don’t know what to order. They have some great suggestions.


Los Angeles can easily be considered the most progressive of all cities, with a population that is as diverse as the amount of celebrities living within its borders. The Seven Grand is just that, a celebrity in the world of bars. It has the history of a classic movie with the atmosphere of a prohibition bar. The mood is just right for a classy night at the Seven Grand, whether starting your night off or finishing it with a night cap. Be sure to check this place out when downtown. You won’t regret what you find.

Seven Grand
515 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 614-0737