Hangar 24 Gourdgeous Strong Pumpkin Porter Now Available at Las Perlas!

October 16th, 2012 — 3:28pm

Andre and I drove out to Hanger 24 over the weekend to see what they were up to. WOW…we discovered the seasonal brew Hangar 24 Gourdgeous Strong Pumpkin Porter

The Local Fields Series was launched in early 2012 and is comprised of six beers, all brewed once per year with a different local ingredient, this year Pumpkin!

Along with the Porter we had their double IPA. The Double IPA is good, we were hoping that the aroma of the beer would come though in the taste of the beer, it feel a little short on the palate.

The porter however delivers, the roasted pumpkin is subtle but extremely balanced with the traditional pumpkin spices. The malty flavors go perfect with the suggested Anejo tequilas; Tequila ArteNOM Selecion 1146, Chinaco Anejo, Orgullo Pueblo Viejo Anejo and Siete Leguas Anejo.

The Brewery is Located in Redlands
Address: 1710 Sessums Drive, Redlands, CA 92374
Phone: (909) 389-1400
Map and directions here

Raul Yrastorza
Las Perlas, General Manager

Music Monday: The Health Club Every Friday at Casey’s in November

October 15th, 2012 — 4:16pm

Bashing out the 90′s indie rock sound with influences rooted from Pavement, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, and other noise bands you can catch The Health Club every Friday at Casey’s. And just like your mom, the show is FREE.

Check out the wall of sound for yourself…

Dave Freeman, 213 Music Director

Seven Grand DTLA Whiskey Society: Larceny Bourbon Launch Party & Education with Bernie Lubbers, 10/16, 7pm

October 12th, 2012 — 11:01am

This coming Tuesday, Oct. 16th, we will be hosting the Larceny Bourbon Launch Party! This will be one of the best events this year, to be sure, with barbers giving straight razor shaves out on the smoking patio, a cigar roller making fine smokables, a magician to mystify, complimentary BBQ and tray-passed cocktails, and live music provided by “The Lonely Hearts.”

Heaven Hill’s Whiskey Professor Bernie Lubbers, author of “Bourbon Whiskey: Our Native Spirit” will be in the house to introduce us to our new friend Larceny, an instant classic (in my humble opinion,) and compare it to it’s White Dog parent.

Tasting and education will begin at 7pm sharp, in the Jackalope Room. Attendance for Bernie’s education will be capped at 35 peeps, but the Launch Party goes on all night starting at 7pm, and is open to the public. The whole bar will be celebrating the release of this new member of the Heaven Hill family, so invite your friends! You can have them RSVP on this link so I can make sure we have enough hospitality for all:

RSVP for Larceny Launch Party at Seven Grand LA

To RSVP for the the tasting and education with Bernie, hit the link below:

Register Here!

For more information on the Seven Grand Whiskey Society, hit the link beneath my signature.

Dues are $120 for a year, and allow you to bring a guest to any event. Memberships can be purchased at the bar on the night of the event.

If you’re not a member, no worries, first one is one us.

Don’t miss this party, even if you can’t attend the tasting/education. Be sure to invite anyone you know who may be curious about the Whiskey Society. We’ll be having a good time. You can forward them this email.

For more info on Bernie Lubbers, Heaven Hill’s Whiskey Professor, check out his website:

Whisky Live is coming to town on the following night (Oct. 17th), we will have a booth there, and they have offered a 40% discount to Seven Grand Whiskey Society folk who want to go.

Get your tickets by hitting the link below. Use the Discount Code: “7GRAND” for 40% off!

We will be holding a raffle to give away a few Whisky Live tickets at the event, but don’t wait to get your tickets, they’re selling out fast. Think of our party as a warm-up for the Whisk(e)y-head Extravaganza they will be throwing. Dozens of Whiskies, Master classes, food, music, and a ton of Whisk(e)y enthusiasts like you.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday.

Pedro, currently sipping Fighting Cock Seven Grand Single Barrel. Yeah, that’s right.

Pedro Shanahan
Spirit Guide, Seven Grand Whiskey Bar
Co-Curator, Seven Grand Whiskey Society