Quote of the Day: Babe Ruth

May 31st, 2012 — 11:13am

“I learned early to drink beer, wine and whiskey. I think I was about 5 when I first chewed tobacco.”
-Babe Ruth

Mix This: The Mexican Phoenix

May 30th, 2012 — 5:19pm

The Mexican Phoenix
- .5oz Tanteo Cocoa Tequila
- 1oz Bootlegger’s Black Phoenix (chocolatey coffee chipotle stout)
- .5oz fresh squeezed lemon
- .5oz simple syrup
- .5oz egg white

Shake all, serve up in a coupe.
Garnish with a sprinkling of pumpkin spice.

This drink was created for The Golden Gopher by Jonathan (owner of Tanteo) & Justin Fix (Tanteo Market Manager).

We recently had a tasting of around 30 of the Tanteo cocktails one day & noticed that none of them had beer as an ingredient. We asked them if they knew it was a super popular request these days. We know how to make all of the old school beer cocktails, but wanted something new, simple and delicious. After some trial and error, they came up with the “Mexican Phoenix,” which we all loved! It’s creamy, sweet and spicy!

Lauren Wong, Golden Gopher, GM

Welcome to the new Mo-Chica!

May 30th, 2012 — 3:47pm

We’re excited that Mo-Chica has opened today on Seventh Street, right across the street from Seven Grand and just a hop and skip away from the Golden Gopher.

Mo Money, No Problems – The Rundown LA
A new Mo-Chica peruves its power

In the midst of graduation season, Mo-Chica is moving on to bigger and better things, too.

With a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, the public can welcome the new Mo-Chica, relocated from the Mercado La Paloma marketplace, in all its glory.

The sleek, open space has been splashed in bright red graffiti by street artist Kozem. Reclaimed wood tabletops and jars of spices prevent the party from getting too loco.

But the real glory lies in the back of the house where Food & Wine’s “Best New Chef In America” Ricardo Zarate helms the kitchen pumping out mouthwatering sangrecita with fried egg and three very unassuming words: pan con tuna.

Spicy tuna ceviche with yuzu mayo and grilled bread won’t just make you a believer, it’ll make you thirsty for a creation from the full bar headed by mixologists from Picca and Harvard & Stone.

How’s that for Pomp and Circumstance?

Opens today
514 W. 7th St. (Grand & Olive), Downtown
(213) 622-3744