What We’re Reading: Seven Grand in Drink Me Magazine, Top 10 American Whiskey Distilleries to Tour

April 14th, 2012 — 6:56pm

Show Me The Way To The Next Whiskey Bar – Drink Me
In the heart of downtown Los Angeles is where you’ll find Seven Grand (515 West 7th Street), although you might just feel like you’ve stepped back in time to an old Irish pub. Dimly lit, with taxidermy-lined walls and dark leather furniture on all sides, this isn’t your typical whiskey bar. Yet it takes more than charming ambiance to set a place apart. After all, customers aren’t just coming here to enjoy the atmosphere—although it certainly helps. What the people want is good booze and a knowledgeable staff to serve it, and Seven Grand delivers in spades.

With a collection of over 370 whiskies, this hidden gem boasts the finest array of bourbons anywhere in Southern California. And they’re not just here to pour, the Spirit Guides—no mere bartenders—are here to promote awareness and “make whiskey accessible,” as Pedro Shanahan points out. He’s been with Seven Grand since they opened shop 5 years ago. You can only imagine how many whiskies he’s had the good fortune to taste since then. His bar features booze ranging from $7 for a low-end single malt, all the way up to $600 for a half pour of a 55 year old Macallan. Yet they never eschew the essentials, as they go through endless bottles of Jameson and make one of the finest Old Fashions in town using time-tested Maker’s Mark. Read More

The Top 10 American Whiskey Distilleries To Tour Now – Forbes
Whiskey-only bars, tasting flights and $100-plus pours are more common than ever, but to become a real whiskey connoisseur you need to learn the liquor making process from the inside.

We rounded up the country’s top 10 whiskey distilleries where you can tour the facilities, learn about mashbills and barrel woods and discover what gives your favorite label its distinct flavor, whether its rye or single malt, blended or bourbon. Read More

This Weekend with 213

April 12th, 2012 — 12:14pm

Friday, April 13th

Casey’s Irish Pub – Downtown/Union
LA’s indie-driven rock band, Downtown/Union, has been a regular fixture in local music scene since 2006. Although the band has been through many incarnations, from a stripped down two-piece to a bombastic seven member rock n’ roll gang, principle song writers, B. Bory and Jeff Electric, have always managed to consistently churn out catchy, high powered, heartfelt songs. This time around, the band has solidified its ranks by adding new permanent members, bass guitarist, Andy Bartlett, and veteran guitar wielder, John Klein, to the lineup, giving them a renewed sense of purpose, energy, and focus; not to mention a whole new batch of tunes.

Caña Rum Bar – Native Wayne
Tonight Grammy-winning reggae luminary Wayne Hobson, also known as Native Wayne to his Indie 103 fans, will be behind the wheels of steel bringing us the good vibes via an eclectic set of classic reggae, dancehall, afrobeat, and whatever else he deems worthy of your listening pleasure. It’s Friday night, so if you’d like to ensure yourself a table or bring more than three guests, reservations are necessary. Right near the beach… Boyyyyyyyyyy!

Las Perlas – Kapsoul Records
What does Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rare Groove Disco have in common with Tequila? Las Perlas!!!! That’s right Kapsoul Records presents every Friday at Las Perlas with DJ Kap, Ohmae & Chikaramanga. Come in and get drunk…. Or stay sober depending on what you’re in to.

Saturday, April 14th

Casey’s Irish Pub – Modern Time Machines
Modern Time Machines’ blend of gauzy space rock atmospherics plus pop songwriting sensibility that has drawn comparisons to Sonic Youth, Medicine, and Silversun Pickups, yet they have crafted their own unique, distinctive sound. MTM combine ’60s psychedelia, boy/girl vocal harmonies, feedback-laced love songs and yes, time travel, into a riotous melange of beautiful noise.

Las Perlas – DJ Darren Revell
Las Perlas welcomes DJ Darren Revell from 103′s Big Sonic Heaven tonight. Darren will be spinning everything from Post Punk to New Wave to Eighties so grab your head bands and leg warmers and get on down here. We’ll see you then!

Caña Rum Bar – Music Selector Jose Galvan
Its time for you to stop living and start winning! What better way to do that than to join us @ Caña Rum Bar for Jose Galvan. Tonight and every Saturday night Jose joins us playing Latin Alternative, Funky Beats and Caribbean Rhythms. We will also be serving some of the most delicious rum cocktails ever to have touched your tongue. Get in here and get some!

Mix This: Irish Coffee

April 11th, 2012 — 2:07pm

The Irish Coffee

- 2 parts Bushmills Irish Whiskey
- 4 parts Coffee
- 1 ½ parts fresh hand whipped cream
- 1 brown sugar cube

Combine the Bushmills, coffee, and sugar cube to a mug and muddle the sugar cube until you can’t see any of it in the drink.  Hand whip your cream for about one minute and top off the coffee with it.

The Irish Coffee was created 100 years ago by Joe Sheridan, head chef at Foynes County, Limerick, Ireland.  The idea for it originated after a group of American passengers arrived after disembarking from a Pan Am flying boat.  It was winter and they were all very tired.  Sheridan added some whiskey to their coffee to warm them up a bit more.  After asking if they were being served Brazilian coffee, Sheridan replied,”no, it’s Irish Coffee.”

Irish Coffee was then brought over to San Francisco after Stanton Delaplane, a travel writer, drank some at the Shannon International Airport in Ireland.  He also worked for the Buena Vista Café in San Francisco, and started serving it on November 10, 1952..  He re-created the recipe by floating cream on top of the coffee.

Irish coffee is now served all over the world, in different variations.  But true Irish coffee always has a good Irish coffee to go along with it.

Jeff Marino, Casey’s Irish Pub, GM