THE VARNISH CELEBRATES 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, Monday, 2/24, 7pm – Acclaimed Los Angeles Bar Hosts Celebratory Bartender Reunion (Monday’s in March)

February 21st, 2014 — 4:22pm

Microsoft Word - 5 Year Anniversary Flyer.doc
On Monday, 2/24, The Varnish celebrates its 5 year anniversary, followed by a month full of guest bartenders, all at one time tenders at The Varnish.  This evening we kick off with Eric Alperin and Sasha Petraske mixing drinks 7-11pm (but probably later).  We will have live music from The Jamie Elman Trio.  Complimentary punch made with Brugal rum and Taittinger Champagne, as well as complimentary shots of Amaro Ramazzotti.  Also available are a few specialty priced classic cocktails.

Every Monday in March we will be having our Bartender Reunion Series (7-11pm each night).  Each bartender will be preparing special menu ($13 regular price for those menus)

March 3rd:  Marcos Tello, who is currently launching the bar program of the newly revamped Los Balcones in Hollywood

March 10th:  Eugene Shaw of Scopa in Venice and private events company Bottled in Bond; & Daniel Eun Esq., Former bartender at The Varnish and PDT, currently practicing law in LA

March 17th: Chris Bostick, General Manager and Partner of Half Step – Austin, TX.  (there is a chance he won’t be able to make it out and we will do a menu in his honor, we will keep you posted)

March 24th: Chris Ojeda, Group Creative Bar Director for Soho House.

March 31st:  Alexander Day & Devon Tarby of Honeycut and Proprietors, LLC.

Join us for a blast into the past, and help celebrate 5 years of cranking out lovely classic cocktails!

Golden Gopher Craft Beer Society: Featuring Golden Road Brewing, Monday, February 24th, 2014

February 20th, 2014 — 11:33am

Golden Road 2020 IPA
Please join us next Monday night, (February 24th) at 7pm for The Golden Gopher Beer Society’s February 2014 get together featuring hometown favorite, Golden Road Brewing!

The generous folks at Golden Road will be tasting us on Four of their latest and greatest recipes, including their:

– Golden Road 2020 IPA
- Golden Road Russian Imperial Stout
- Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds
- Golden Road Berliner Weisse

We’re always proud and excited to play host for Golden Road Brewing, a fine example of the best the Los Angeles Beer Community has to offer.  We’ll see you this Monday!


(Registered guests will have a guaranteed spot.  Unregistered guests are welcome, encouraged and handed beer.)

Please click on the link below to register!

Register Here!

Spirit Guide: Why Dave Fernie (of Honeycut) Loves Daiquiris

February 18th, 2014 — 3:08pm

On any given night behind the stick, one of the most common questions a bartender gets is “What’s your favorite cocktail?”

I always try to answer this one pretty honestly, because I’m sure that the answer is rather shocking to most guests.  You see me, this tattooed, gruff looking dude, and you probably imagine me sipping a hefty whiskey based concoction, but in reality, I’m a fan of Daiquiris.  Like most of us, I’m a sucker for well done simplicity.  And a precisely executed Daiquiri is a thing of immense beauty.  The vast majority of people I give this answer to actually scoff or take it as a joke, but no shit, I love rum, lime and sugar.  The really great thing is that when you get to make one of these for most people, they’re pretty floored to get it.  Most of the folks bellying up to your bar haven’t taken the time to really enjoy a well made simple drink.  They probably spend most of their time at bars sucking down muddled salads and navigating uni-laden bar menus.  Nothing could be further from appealing to me.

Most bartenders (at reputable watering holes) have a pretty deep well of knowledge when it comes to cocktails, but walk up to almost any bar, order a Daiquiri, and not only have you probably earned the respect of the gentleman or lady preparing your drink, but you’ve also given yourself a damn good barometer for whether or not your money is well spent in this particular establishment.  With a daiquiri, there’s nowhere to hide bad ingredients, everything is right up front, and everything from bad technique to rancid citrus is apparent within the first sip.

So the next time you’re at a new place, and have a hankering for something delicious. but don’t want to take the time to peruse their menu, or maybe you’re just illiterate, skip the “what’s good here?” and go for a daiquiri.  If it’s good, you can bet their probably doing a decent job on the rest of the drinks they’re putting out.  If it sucks, save your palette the abuse and go for a beer and a slug of some neat spirit.

Dave Fernie/Honeycut/General Manager