Music Tuesday: Western Lows Live at Casey’s on Friday August 2nd

July 30th, 2013 — 5:08pm

There was a band called Mezzanine Owls a few years back that were one of my favorite bands in Los Angeles. Out of the breakup of Mezzanine Owls comes Western Lows. An amazing shoegaze / dream pop band that will melt your heart and remind you why making mixtapes to who you love should still exist. You can see them play and sway on Friday April 2nd at Casey’s in Downtown LA. Free show!

Listen here…

Las Perlas Mezcal Collective: David Suro & Siembra Azul, w/ The Tequila Interchange Project 7/27, 3pm

July 26th, 2013 — 11:24am

Welcome to The Mezcal Collective. Our event this Saturday, 7/27, will Feature David Suro and Siembra Azul Tequila.

David will be tasting you on his Siembra Azul tequila as well as leading an open forum discussion on the importance of; Denomination of Origin, Planting/Harvesting, Master Distiller, Hydrolyzation, Extraction, Fermentation and Distillation.

We will finish by discussing the importance of the Tequila Interchange Project.

We will start promptly at 3pm and end at 5:30pm.

Attendance will be capped at at 70 people, so please RSVP on the link below.

Register Here!

Look for the Mezcal Collective web page in the very near future. The Mezcal collective will bring people who love agave based spirit together in a fun and open forum.

Please feel free to pass this link onto your friends and you can sign up for our mailing list for future events at the link in your invite letter.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday at 3pm!

Raul Yrastorza
General Manager and Curator of The Mezcal Collective

“All tequila is Mezcal, not all Mezcal is tequila”

Music Tuesday: Washing Machines Live at Casey’s July 27th!

July 23rd, 2013 — 11:37am

“If you ever imagined standing in a hallway between the practice spaces of Sonic Youth and Nirvana, this is what it’d sound like.”
-Kevin Bronson / Buzzbands LA 

Washing Machines are one of my favorite bands in LA. They are the kind of band that isn’t afraid to make noise and thats a breath of fresh air in today’s indie rock scene. What’s up with playing it so safe these days? Its the sort of noise rock n roll that challenges your ears and pushes your music sensibility. Combined with feedback and noise you will not be disappointed if you are in to bands like Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain and Nirvana.  They will be supporting Hobart W. Fink’s July residency that comes to end on July 27th. Thanks to Hobart for taking care of business this month on the Back Room stage!

Check out their music on Facebook…