213 Video Series: Featuring Brent Falco and Cole’s Mint Julep!

March 26th, 2013 — 3:47pm

We here at 213 pride ourselves on bringing you not only new and creative cocktails/methods, but also the classics from history’s past.  One of which being the Mint Julep, a Kentucky classic.  This drink, simple yet complex really gives you an idea of what Kentucky tastes like.  The recipe of mint, sugar, bourbon and crushed ice, served in a Julep cup, tastes best on a hot summer’s day.  Prepare yourself for the warmer months ahead, take a look at the video below for Cole’s signature recipe.  Brent, take it away!

Cole’s on KTLA Channel 5 Morning Show!

March 25th, 2013 — 2:57pm

Travel Channel’s ‘Feed the Beast’ host Mikey Roe was in the KTLA studio with his picks for the best late night food haunts in LA. The first on his list, Cole’s!

‘Feed the Beast’ airs on the Travel Channel and you can visit the website here for more information on the show and air times in your area.

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Music Monday: Cookie Cutter Killer Live Perfromance and Video Release Party for “Head Over Heels” April 6th at Casey’s

March 25th, 2013 — 2:42pm

In early 2012 Cookie Cutter Killer was formed after Tal Mir (lead vocals/guitar) and Hayato Takano (lead guitar/bass/programming) took a break from their band Letters Burning. They decided to use their creative efforts to write and self-produce music they felt couldn’t be lumped into one specific genre. The duo share an extensive love and respect for rock music and have found a way to share their additional passion for pop, alternative and electronica in order to achieve a very honest and vulnerable sound. Cookie Cutter Killer’s songs have extremely memorable hooks like in their energetic rocker “head over heels” and relatable down to earth lyrics showcased in their acoustic/dubstep hybrid “too many days”. With a very unique voice behind them contrasted by strong guitars and very beautifully arranged electronic layers this band has something for ALL music lovers.

You can see them live as well as the debut of their video for ‘Head Over Heels” Saturday, April 6th. No Cover. 11P

Dave Freeman – 213 Music Director