Mix This: The Brown Derby with Tony’s Plex Lowery

March 27th, 2013 — 11:23am

So, this year I’m chillin’ out. Not from drinking, of course, but what, and how. I’ve realized whereas in 2012 I drank a lot, a whole lot of cocktails. Amazing ones. So good it would make your neck hairs stand up at attention and maybe even make you smack yo’ mama for another. That many excellent cocktails.

But after all the countless discussions on the nuances and complexities of cocktails concocted by baritone bartenders; after nights of stomach stretching and the streamlining of fine dining with succulent spirit sipping;
after the world has seen its last ironically mustached muchacho make his mixological masterpiece–

Then what?!?!

I’ll tell you what–Simple, well made cocktails. The ones that have 3 things in them–for a reason. Sure, experimentation is highly advised, and there are some real talented people out there to be sure, but as for me and my palate, I’m stepping it back a bit. Having some spirit with a touch of an amaro, or staying with some well made, and well executed classics that isn’t written on a piece of parchment. Templeton Rye, neat please…

Wow–! Its mighty high up here on my horse! Lemme step down a bit and getcha a drink! The Brown Derby is exactly the type of thing I’m talking about here–simple, to the point. Pretty good all season long, its one of the signature cocktail from the Vendome Club. Can’t go wrong.

- Your favorite Bourbon (2 oz)
- Fresh Grapefruit Juice (1 oz)
- Honey (1/2 oz)

Contents in tumbler with ice, shake well and strain in cocktail glass. Enjoy!

Plex Lowery, Tony’s Saloon, GM

213 Video Series: Featuring Brent Falco and Cole’s Mint Julep!

March 26th, 2013 — 3:47pm

We here at 213 pride ourselves on bringing you not only new and creative cocktails/methods, but also the classics from history’s past.  One of which being the Mint Julep, a Kentucky classic.  This drink, simple yet complex really gives you an idea of what Kentucky tastes like.  The recipe of mint, sugar, bourbon and crushed ice, served in a Julep cup, tastes best on a hot summer’s day.  Prepare yourself for the warmer months ahead, take a look at the video below for Cole’s signature recipe.  Brent, take it away!

Cole’s on KTLA Channel 5 Morning Show!

March 25th, 2013 — 2:57pm

Travel Channel’s ‘Feed the Beast’ host Mikey Roe was in the KTLA studio with his picks for the best late night food haunts in LA. The first on his list, Cole’s!

‘Feed the Beast’ airs on the Travel Channel and you can visit the website here for more information on the show and air times in your area.

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