Music Monday: Barry Mosley Live at Cole’s for Repeal Day! (Tuesday 12/4/12, 6PM)

December 3rd, 2012 — 5:40pm

Lets celebrate we can drink booze! And the amazing jazz trombonist Barry Mosely is going to join is in the celebration by performing live while you sip your drink of choice. Performing upbeat swinging 20′s and 30′s you will feel like its still illegal..but don’t worry we know people. You’ll be alright. Enjoy the music and toast to the legalization of booze.

Dave Freeman – 213 Music Director

Celebrate Repeal Day with Us! (Tuesday, December 4th, 6pm)

November 29th, 2012 — 11:52am

Repealing Prohibition is probably one of the most important things the good ol’ US of A has done in the last couple hundred years.  I mean, the invention of the Model T, Railroad and the Lightbulb have nothing on this countries love for booze!  To celebrate the anniversary of this joyous day, Cole’s is throwing a proper event where everybody can get a taste of what it must have been like on December 5, 1933.  Not only will we be throwing our annual Jimmy Barella Cocktail Competition in loving memory of Cole’s first bartender, Jimmy Barella, god bless his soul.   But we have a Fernet Ice Luge, $5 Templeton Rye punch, a live 3 piece jazz band and a midnight Fernet toast, all to help set the mood.  This event has no cover and starts at 6pm (the Jimmy Barella Competition final will start at 9pm) on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012.  Join us to celebrate everything drunk!  Hip Hip Hooray!

Spirit Guide: La Nina Del Mezcal Espadin (New Mezcal at Las Perlas)

November 28th, 2012 — 5:12pm

La Nina Del Mezcal Espadin

This stuff is flat out good ! rich in agave and smoked citrus…it would be a crime to mix a cocktail with this.

- 100% AGAVE ESPADÍN capón (Angustifolia Haw)
- Mezcal Joven (unfiltered)
- 48.3% Alc. Vol.
- Double distilled in traditional copper stills
- Produced by Armando Hernandez Lorenzo
- Region: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca
Altitude: 1,740 m or 5708.7 feet above sea level
- Harvest:
March 15 2012
- La Nina del mezcal only  uses the “capón” agave which have been matured in the estate for more than 10 years.

What is “reposado en campo” or matured in the estate?
When an agave plant has fully matured, after 8 to 25 years depending on the species, it develops a flowering stem about 6-12m tall. Agaves are monocarpic, meaning they die after flowering. In the Espadín fields of the Hernandez Estate, during cultivation, the agave’s flowering stalks will be trimmed as soon as they begin to appear. The trimming of the stalks prevents the agave from dying early and allows it to fully ripen at the base. After the flower stalk is trimmed, all of the sugars that were produced in preparation for flowering will remain at the center or “piña” of the agave. The agaves will remain in the estate for approximately 2 more years before being harvested, allowing the piñas to be fully matured.


1. Roast – the piñas are cut in 4 to 8 pieces depending on the size and they are cooked in a traditional conic stonlined oven, fueled by mesquite and Encino Wood.

2. Crushing – the cooked piñas are crushed in the Tahona, which is pulled by Wendy (horse) to obtain the juices and bagaso for fermentation.

3. Fermentation – the juices and bagaso of the piñas are fermented in wooden vats made from pine wood. The fermentation is 100% natural (only the yeasts that are found in the environment are used). The water used for the fermentation process is brought from Mitla.

4. Distillation – the fermented bagaso is placed in the traditional copper stills to separate the water from alcohol. The mezcal is distilled twice until a pure spirit is obtained, capturing the citrus and fruity aromas that characterize the agave Espadin.

Raul Yrastorza, Las Perlas, GM