Cedd Moses operates some of the hippest bars in downtown L.A. – Los Angeles Times

January 4th, 2013 — 3:21pm

Moses is the founder and CEO of 213 Nightlife Group, whose holdings include Seven Grand Whiskey Bar, the Golden Gopher and the Broadway Bar.

By W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles Times

The gig: Founder and chief executive of the 213 Nightlife Group, which operates some of hippest cocktail lounges in downtown Los Angeles, including Seven Grand Whiskey Bar, the Golden Gopher and the Broadway Bar. The bars owned by Cedd Moses, 52, are typically converted from dilapidated empty buildings. They have contributed to the revitalization of the downtown area and helped promote an emerging craft cocktail culture in Los Angeles. “People thought I was crazy,” Moses said. “I was making a good living at the time, but I left to go pour drinks on skid row.”

Background: Moses was born in Bristol, Va., a town in the Blue Ridge Highlands of southwestern Virginia on the border with Tennessee. But he was raised in Venice during the burgeoning art scene of the 1960s, and most members of his family are artists. His father is the famous Abstract Expressionist painter Ed Moses, who taught him to be fearless in professional life. “I saw how successful my father was at doing something he loved,” Moses said. “I wanted that in my career.”

Next leap: Moses is taking one of his best-known downtown spots, Seven Grand Whiskey Bar, and expanding the brand. The bar, with its hunting-lodge decor and first-rate whiskey selection, has already opened a location in San Diego. Another one is expected to open at Los Angeles International Airport sometime next year.


Heads Up! 2013 New Years Race 1/2 Marathon Could Affect Your Drinking! (Saturday, 1/5/13, 7pm)

January 4th, 2013 — 10:00am

January 5th is the 2013 New Years Race (1/2 marathon & 5K) which takes place pretty much through the middle of Downtown. You could let this affect your night out, or you could utilize other options of getting down here and/or parking.  The only 213 bars this race should affect are Seven Grand, Cole’s, Las Perlas and The Varnish.  See below for some tips.

First off, your best option is not driving at all! The Metro now runs late on weekends (till 2am) so you can take the train Downtown and come home while still hitting the bars in between.  You can take the train from pretty much anywhere in LA, unless you live in Santa Monica.  If that’s the case you will have to drive or take a bus to a Culver City station and park. For more details click HERE to view the Metro website so you can plan your route.

If  you plan on driving there are plenty of parking lots available for parking.  The streets will be closed along the route ( so you will be shit out of luck if you plan on parking on the street.  I also foresee a ton of people and tents and such along the route so it could be a huge mess.  However, Joe’s Parking has a ton of lots all around Downtown where you should be able to park off the race route.  See their website  for all options Downtown  If you plan on going to Seven Grand I believe the lots located between 8th and 9th on Grand or Olive should be clear.  If you are hoping to go to Cole’s/The Varnish/Las Perlas then getting there going eastbound might be a little tricky as the race runs from 7th St. to 1st St. straight up Broadway so you will no be able to cross on 6th St.  My suggestion would be to take 12th St. eastbound and take a left on San Pedro St.  Take San Pedro St. up to 8th St. and hang a left.  Then hang a right on Main St. which will put you at the corner of 6th St. of Main St., which is where Cole’s/The Varnish/Las Perlas are located. There are a couple Joe’s Parking Lots located on the southwest and northwest corner of that intersection.

Good Luck!  Hope to see you out!

Spirit Guide: Caliché at Caña Rum Bar

January 3rd, 2013 — 5:23pm

“Nightlife impresario meets rum distiller. Super-premium rum is born.”

That sentence is in no way appealing to me. I’m a guy on a mission to have rum accepted by all manner of alcohol enthusiasts as a noble spirit and not just tiki-fuel. So I was thrilled when I first tasted Caliché and thought, “This is the best white rum Serralles has ever distilled.” If you actually keep tabs on this column you’ll remember I was also in love with Caña Brava at first sip. What can I say? It’s been a great year for white rum.

While Caña Brava is a Cuban-style rum distilled in Panama, Caliché is a genre-defining rum for Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican rum is dry, light, and crisp. It doesn’t go over the top with any one characteristic. In a word, it’s balanced. And the same goes for Caliché. There’s hints of stonefruit, caramel, and condensed milk that flit about on the mid-palate, but they’re reigned in tight by the finish. And just in case you were wondering, yes, it makes an awesome daiquiri.

Caña’s Natural Daiquiri
- 2 ozCaliché
- 1 oz fresh lime
- ¾ oz raw sugar simple syrup
- shake–strain to cocktail glass –drop a thin lime wheel in it

Allan Katz, Caña Rum Bar, GM