Spirit Guide: Tomas Estes Recently Released Book, “The Tequila Ambassador”

January 16th, 2013 — 4:08pm

One of my favorite personalities and mentors in the Tequila world, Tomas Estes has finally released his long anticipated book, The Tequila Ambassador, which gives you a welcomed and intelligent look into the world of agave spirit. The work is excellent and the photography by Simon Difford shines. Buy it. Enjoy it.

Taken from the back cover introduction below:

This work is a testimony to the passion and dedication of the worlds most globally recognized face of tequila: Tomas Estes. His first book on tequila documents a personal journey from the oranges groves of Los Angeles to the agave fields of Jalisco and the wilds of Oaxaca, coupled with a fascinating level of detail around a spirit category that has now come of age.

It includes conversations with some of the most influential figures in the modern tequila industry, including the last interview given by the late don julio Gonzales, creator of tequila don Julio. The tequila ambassador list 100 key cocktail recipes, each created by some of the luminaries of the bar world, reflecting the diversity of this misunderstood and enigmatic spirit.

Available at Amazon Books!

Raul Yrastorza, Las Perlas, GM

213 Video Series: Featuring Allan Katz and Caña Rum Bar’s Natural Daiquiri!

January 15th, 2013 — 1:02pm

Late last year we got together with Ted Newsome (ex-TWS Art Director, American Misfits, Built to Shred, all around nice guy) and crew to help us produce some shorts, highlighting some of our star bartenders at their locations making their specialties.  This month we feature Allan Katz at Caña Rum Bar and his take on the Natural Daiquiri.  Enjoy!

Music Monday: Anthony Valadez kicks off “Latido” at Caña Rum Bar January 17th!

January 14th, 2013 — 3:20pm

Join us at Caña Rum Bar January 17th for the kick off night of LATIDO that only KCRW’s own Anthony Valadez can bring you. He will be spinning the best sounds of Cumbia, Dub, Afrobeats, Samba, Soul, Latin, Roots, Punjabi and Mas. It will be a great night of music and so many premium rums to choose from that we are sure Thursday nights at Caña will be your destination spot every week.

Anyone who says they are there for Anthony will get a free a annual membership that is good for yourself plus 3 guests anytime as well as invites to free rum tastings. Enjoy great music and great cocktails…together is even better!

Dave Freeman – 213 Music Director