Raising the Bar: Chris Bostick – Liquor.com 3/19/14

March 19th, 2014 — 1:03pm

Chris Bostick 2
New York. Beverly Hills. Downtown Los Angeles. After many years away, Chris Bostick, the former general manager of Los Angeles’ clandestine classic cocktail den The Varnish, has returned to the Lone Star State.

His new venture, Austin’s recently opened Half Step, has been hotly anticipated from every cocktail-loving corner of the country. “This bar is about having worked in places like New York andLos Angeles and then offering those great experiences through the lens of Austin,” Bostick says.

It only took a week of filing papers in a doctor’s office as a teenager for Bostick to realize the sedentary life wasn’t for him. In fact, while in high school, he started washing dishes at a strip-mall Tex-Mex restaurant, “and realized right away I was meant to work on my feet,” the native Texan recalls. “When they asked me to move up to busboy, I was amped. ‘This is living,’ I thought.” Read the rest here!