Seven Grand DTLA & Wild Turkey Thanksgiving Eve Party!

Nov 21  5:00 pm
@ Seven Grand DTLA

Thanksgiving is a tough holiday. You gather at your parents house, eat turkey, get drunk and listen to your mom yell at your brother for not calling her enough while filling her glass full of some cheap Chardonnay. Well, Seven Grand has just the solution for your problems and a guaranteed way to make things a little bit smoother this year. On Thanksgiving Eve, we along with our gracious sponsor Wild Turkey, are going to throw a party to celebrate everything Thanksgiving.

We will be featuring a Wild Turkey Spiced Cranberry Punch Cocktail all night, for $6. Each glass of punch gets a raffle ticket. Door is free entry, however with each $1 donation we will be giving out a raffle ticket for prizes being given out throughout the night. All donations will be going to the LA Midnight Mission for Thanksgiving Dinner.

There are going to be Hats, T Shirts and a couple surprise prizes throughout the night in the raffle. The prizes will be drawn every hour and the winning tickets put on our chalk board so that no one has to be waiting around to hear if they have won anything.

Other than that we are hoping to continue to throw the best Thanksgiving Eve bash in LA and get everyone prepared for an entire day with their families! Come one, come all!

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