Seven Grand San Diego Whiskey Society: Featuring Dave Adams of Green Flash Brewery

@ Seven Grand San Diego

I would like to welcome you to another jubilant event. On Tuesday the 25th at 7:30pm we will have Dave Adams the head of education for Green Flash Brewery. I know, I know its not whiskey but I thought we could use a quick switch of pace. Dave will be guiding us through the brewing process while we taste a wide variety of the the beers that Green Flash creates. Such as Saison Diego, West Coast IPA, Le Freak Ale, and a special limited release. I look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday.

In addition I would like to welcome you to join us on Sundays for our weekly Flight Night at Seven Grand. I have designed four different whiskey groupings with various qualities. The bar opens at 8pm on Sundays so come in and lets talk about whiskey.

Register Here!

If you have any questions about the event or how to register my contact information is below. We provide annual memberships for $120 or charge a $15 fee per tasting. Also if you RSVP for an event and are unable to attend, you must contact me. This opens the event up for people who can make it. For questions in regard to setting up a private tasting contact me.


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