Spirit Guide: Atmosphere! With Tony’s GM Plex Lowery

January 30th, 2013 — 3:28pm

Atmosphere. You just simply can’t have enough of it. No, I’m not talking about the ozone layer you hippie (though, apparently we ain’t gotta whole lotta that either!) But real, genuine atmosphere.

The kind of atmosphere that when you walk into a place, you understand what the establishment is trying to present to you. The atmosphere you were looking for, and more importantly, the one makes
you wanna come back to it.

I feel like this is such an underrated thing, especially here in the City of Angels. Sure sure, we have a slew of places aplenty that have style and ambiance. Places that have pretty chandeliers or PBR on tap (disclaimer: my place has PBR on tap :)

But how about the vibe? Absolfreakin’lutely the bar staff has a lot to do with it, but how about the patron sitting next to you? The doorman who greeted you? That plays so much into the atmosphere too, and the experience as a whole.

Maybe I should clarify a bit: what I may be looking for in a bar to make my own most definitely may not be what someone else would want. I mean, that raven haired bartender with “I Hate Everyone” tattooed across her throat and spits chew into a empty whiskey bottle before she asks me what I want to drown my miserable life with completely makes me giddy with glee, but you, on the other hand might tuck tail and run. Also, you may want different types of atmospheres at different times. That brand new Haute Couture dress you’re wearing?–well now it’s got Jager bomb explosions all over it from the crazy party standing right next to ya. Cheers!

I’m saying alla this to say what? Just…think about the atmosphere next time you walk into a place. No, not necessarily how quaint and quiet or cool and hip or refined and posh or sporty and loud– but is it what works for you? And also, keep in mind that you might be the one throwing off the atmosphere. I wouldn’t necessarily ask for a Corpse Reviver #2 at bar that has a revolving hotdog cooker on the counter. Just sayin…

Plex Lowery, Tony’s Saloon, General Manager