Spirit Guide: From Mystery to Hospitality with 4100 Bar’s Travis McFarland

February 11th, 2014 — 1:26pm

Before working in a bar, I was always mystified by the job of the bartender; their ability to produce a long list of drinks, some seemingly more intricate than others, to take payment and give change, all while engaging in conversation with their many guests. The speed and effectiveness behind the heuristics that allow the bartender to entertain and deliver with an air of confidence seemed like impossible tasks. Obviously not all bartenders carry this work ethic and confidence, but in general, the role of, “the bartender”, seemed very intimidating. These thoughts became even more apparent when I was offered the job of barback at my favorite bar, the 4100 Bar.

Once I began working alongside these working bon vivants, I was able to see their tricks and techniques to make all those mystified tasks possible. I was lucky enough to eventually be given the opportunity to become a bartender and to be trained to perform those remarkable efforts. I felt like a magician’s apprentice. I went from barback to bartender at 4100 Bar and eventually at The Golden Gopher, as well. Working within these two bars I see the importance of warm hospitality, and of providing my guests with that same feeling of comfort and delight that I once shared. I’m glad to use my new talents and abilities to help my guests feel like they’re in a welcoming, enjoyable place that offers them good drinks and a good time.

Travis McFarland/4100 Bar/Bartender