Spirit Guide: Golden Gopher Craft Beer Society featuring Strand Brewing

December 11th, 2012 — 4:14pm

In case you all don’t know, the Golden Gopher holds a monthly Beer Society on the second Monday of every month. Each month we have a different craft brewer host the meeting.

This month’s host was Strand Brewing Co. (strandbrewing.com). We were lucky to have Rich Marcello (one of the two owners) give us the history of the company, then taste and educate us on six of their amazing beers. It’s always such a treat to talk to the brewery owners and hear their stories. We learned things like when they first started, they didn’t have money to buy draft handles, so used some of the flooring they had to make handles. They also worked three years without pay or employees to get their brewery up and running.

Their Ito-Weisse Berliner Weisse Style was by far, bar none my favorite. I love sour beers. Something I didn’t know was that this style of beer originated in Germany around the 16th century. It’s most typically served in a bowl shaped glass, with various syrups and with a straw.
We tasted it alone and next to one with pomegranate syrup added. Both were good, but I liked the plain one with the sour punch. It was the most amazing thing I’d ever tasted.

The other one I was surprised by was their 24th Street Pale Ale. Best Pale Ale I’ve ever had & almost everyone there agreed. Amazingly balanced with subtle citrus & floral notes. This one is going to be on permanently at the Gopher.

Lauren Wong
General Manager
Golden Gopher