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Official Beer List for the Los Angeles Craft Beer Crawl

August 13th, 2011 — 10:16am

Here’s our list of 90+ beers and where you’ll find them along the LA Craft Beer Crawl. See you Saturday!

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Uncommon Brewers, Santa Cruz, CA

Baltic Porter
Golden State Ale
VIP – Siamese Twin Ale (Michelada)

Brouwerij West, Palos Verdes, CA
5 Blond
9 Tripel

Eagle Rock Brewery, LA, CA
Solidarity Black Mild Ale
Manifesto Wit
Revolution XPA
VIP – Stimulus Belgian Amber brewed with Intelligentsia coffee

The Bruery, Placentia, CA

Seven Grain Saison
Mischief Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale
VIP – Tart of Darkness sour ale, Mischief Gone Wild

Lagunitas, Brewing Company, Petaluma, CA
Lucky 13 Altbier
VIP – Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale

Telegraph Brewing Company, Santa Barbara, CA
Stock Porter
Cerveza De Fiesta Pilsner
Reserve Wheat Wild Ale
VIP – Obscura Amber Ale

Nibble Bit Tabby Brewery, LA, CA
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L.A. Craft Beer Crawl is ready to pour another

August 12th, 2011 — 11:00am

The event from Cedd Moses and the Beer Chicks returns for a second year with artisanal brews at seven downtown spots, plus food trucks.

By Margaret Wappler, Los Angeles Times
August 12, 2011

Did you know that in heaven, there is a river of craft beer flowing through the celestial clouds, a coriander-spiced Belgian blond, to be exact? There are also several founts of crisply bitter IPA, positioned at clouds No. 48, 97 and 133, for quenching your thirst after clearing the pearly gates.

OK, so none of us know for certain if any of this is true, but it’s what Greg Koch, chief executive and co-founder of Stone Brewing Co., envisions when he brandishes his megaphone at various beer festivals and sermonizes about the ambrosia known as craft beer.

“I try to channel the crazy street corner preacher,” Koch said over the phone from his office in Escondido. “I don’t proselytize about the caramel undertones or the pine-sap flavor; it’s a broader mission. We are helping to change the world, and specifically change the U.S. from lowly to elevated with respect to beer.”

Brother Koch will be preaching at the L.A. Craft Beer Crawl this Saturday, the perfect group of choir angels for his gospel according to hops. Located in the sometimes-Hades-like district known as downtown Los Angeles, the joint brainchild of night life visionary Cedd Moses and the Beer Chicks (otherwise known as Hallie Beaune and Christina Perozzi), returns after a sold-out debut last year.

With around 1,600 tickets close to selling out, this year’s crawl will (sloppily) tour through seven different popular nightspots, including Caña Rum Bar, Cole’s, Casey’s Irish Pub and Las Perlas, where nearly 100 craft beers from more than 30 breweries will flow for those holding tasting glasses.

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