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Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday with us!!! Did I Mention Drink Specials?

February 6th, 2012 — 1:04pm

In honor of Robert Nesta Marley’s day of birth everyone at Caña will be spending the evening celebrating the man that reintroduced Jamaica to the world and brought a global consciousness not just to island riddims, but to everything from punk rock to hip hop.

Sting Wrays featuring the other pride of Jamaica, Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum, will be served with natural grapefruit soda and fresh citrus for only $6 as well as Captain’s Blood Punch for only $26 a bowl, as it is 2/6 after all, and that’s a great excuse to offer a crystal bowl full of Jamaican rums, fresh lime, pomegranate, and bitters for half-off.

Coming off a stint playing the finest semi-abandoned industrial areas and squat houses of Brooklyn, lower Manhattan, and L.I.C. dj kill-devil will be mixing Bob’s early work with his latter Legend-era hits, dubs, rare demo cuts, remixes, and covers from the countless bands and artists he inspired.

Now who doesn’t love a good excuse to party on a cloudy Monday?

Allan Katz, General Manager, Caña Rum Bar

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