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Judson McKinney

October 7th, 2011 — 11:58am

Judson McKinney… This dude can sing, play an instrument, and it comes from a good place. Most bands play in to their haircuts, and barely in to their tight pants. Judson plays to people who want to listen to great lyrics and tap your foot to something honest.

When music is played honest, it great. That will never change. At the end of the day a great song will last longer than your haircut, or the groupie you’re trying to bang. I like Judson. You will too.

Judson McKinney – Every Friday in October at Casey’s with friends and family.

Music starts at 11P and goes until Judson kicks everyone out.

Dave Freeman – Music Director of 213

Dear Casey’s, Greetings from Germany

August 12th, 2011 — 9:00am

Casey’s GM Jeff Marino received a great email the other day from a German visitor, who sent us photos of himself and his friend in their Casey’s shirts in Germany.

If you have a shirt from one of our bars, take a photo of yourself wearing it and post it on our Facebook wall!

———- Forwarded message ———-
Hey Jeff,

My friend Christopher and I visited your great Irish Pub on April 7th 2010. It was the day of our flight back to Germany after a one week’s stay in LA. We had some good food, some nice beers and most important we saw Bayern Munich defeat Manchester United in the Champions League’s quarterfinals!

Before we left you gave us two t-shirts of Casey’s Pub and asked us to take a picture in front of a landscape or something back in Germany. I’m sorry it took us so long but here it is!

So thank you very much for a fabulous time at Casey’s Irish Pub! We definitely want to come back sometime! And then we hope to see our picture on your wall :-)

I hope you like the picture in front of the Allianz Arena, home of the mighty FC Bayern Munich!

Hope to see you again some day!


Music Monday: The Blessings

August 8th, 2011 — 12:08pm

Rock n Roll is back… And The Blessings are leading the parade. They pump out American rock n roll for those that like some kick in the drums and riffs in their guitar. The Blessings hail from Los Angeles but they sound like everything but Los Angeles. They sound like the sort of band you find playing at a bar in Austin, Detroit, Chicago, even Bakersfield.

The Blessings keep it simple and have mastered the simpleness. They cut out the fat and keep it lean. They keep purity of rock n roll alive for the sake of the rock n roll legends before them, and I’m sure those legends would give them a tip of the hat, and a thank you.

A band of gypsy pirates, as it states on their website is an understatement. They’re fearless when it comes to making noise. If you don’t like it, it only gets louder… and you probably think good rock n roll is Maroon 5.

Their is a reason the music your parents listened to is still around… it was music created from the heart, and soul of people who loved the sound of bash and bop. The Stones, Petty, Dylan, Chuck Berry, New York Dolls, Hank Williams Sr., and the list goes on. It was pure. It was honest. It’s also great with a Jameson and a pickle back.

The Blessings put attitude back in music. Remember when the all the best bands didn’t have much to say, instead they just let the music speak for itself? Well, this band of long-hairs do just that. You won’t find a lot of chit-chat, and more rock n roll. So, put on your best threads and make your way to the Casey’s shakedown every Saturday night in August. And I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a sign of appreciation for putting some step in your night if you bought them a beer, or shot.

The Blessings
Every SATURDAY in August at Casey’s
11P / No Cover

-Dave Freeman
Music Director for 213

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