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Mix This: The Suburban with Seven Grand’s Dustin Newsome!

March 7th, 2013 — 11:07am

The Suburban
- 1 1/2 oz. Rye Whiskey
- 1/2 oz. Port
- 1/2 oz. Dark Rum
- 1 dash Angostura
- 1 dash orange bitters

Build in old fashioned glass with ice, garnish with orange peel.

This dark horse classic strikes your palate like a velvet sledge hammer with it’s robust, yet soft and unusual ingredient line up.  According to the ‘Old Waldorf-Astoria bar book’, this cocktail was invented there to celebrate James R. Keene, whose stable was legendary in the Suburban Handicap in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay track in 1884.

Not only is this Noir destroyer a historical mating for Seven Grands rich wood texture and dark billeted leather, it drinks like our rich decor feels.

Bartenders note: Try creating an interesting variation by substituting sherry for the port.

Dustin Newsome
Seven Grand, Head Barman

Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday with us!!! Did I Mention Drink Specials?

February 6th, 2012 — 1:04pm

In honor of Robert Nesta Marley’s day of birth everyone at Caña will be spending the evening celebrating the man that reintroduced Jamaica to the world and brought a global consciousness not just to island riddims, but to everything from punk rock to hip hop.

Sting Wrays featuring the other pride of Jamaica, Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum, will be served with natural grapefruit soda and fresh citrus for only $6 as well as Captain’s Blood Punch for only $26 a bowl, as it is 2/6 after all, and that’s a great excuse to offer a crystal bowl full of Jamaican rums, fresh lime, pomegranate, and bitters for half-off.

Coming off a stint playing the finest semi-abandoned industrial areas and squat houses of Brooklyn, lower Manhattan, and L.I.C. dj kill-devil will be mixing Bob’s early work with his latter Legend-era hits, dubs, rare demo cuts, remixes, and covers from the countless bands and artists he inspired.

Now who doesn’t love a good excuse to party on a cloudy Monday?

Allan Katz, General Manager, Caña Rum Bar

This Month at Caña

June 13th, 2011 — 10:24pm

Rum Society: We’ve saved the illest Rum Society yet to chase away your June Gloom. In celebration of this great land of ours whose bounty we’ve managed to make into something worthwhile (Rum of course) Rum Society this month is All-American featuring Charbay and Rene from NoCal as well as Prichard’s from Tennessee. Oh yeah. We’re bringing Marko & Chris, the distillers of Charbay and Rene here to give Rumdood and Allan a break on the talky-talk. RSVPs will be confirmed and seating for this Rum Society will be strictly held to confirmed RSVP’s. The rummy edutainment begins at 9 sharp on Tuesday June 28th. June Gloom? More like June Boom.

139 bottles of Rum on the Wall: Here’s a look at one of the ridiculously freaking many rums that surround you at Caña…

The first rum in this series hails from Puerto Rico and is one of the world’s oldest continually family owned spirits: Don Q. From the clean cane-forward Cristal that provides the horsepower in our Natural Daiquiri to the pleasingly dry Añejo that drives our Far West cocktail in perfect harmony with the grapefruit, thyme, and amaro these rums don’t swap versatility for quality. They marry them.

Wanna bring the magic home? Here’s how we use Don Q Cristal in our daiquiri:

2 oz DQ Cristal
1 oz fresh squeezed lime
.75 oz turbinado sugar simple syrup

Shake with cubes for about 10 seconds.

Pour into whatever vessel you like and enjoy!

To make the syrup just combine equal parts raw sugar and boiling water. It’ll last weeks covered and refrigerated.

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