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What We’re Drinking: Corrido Tequila with Raul Yrastorza of Las Perlas

February 29th, 2012 — 5:02pm

Corrido Tequila

Every once in a while, and I say that nicely, I come across a Tequila that really peaks my interest. Slowly I have started to categorize tequila and this particular tequila I put in the category of a “Craft Tequila”.

Corrido is a highland single estate grown and produced Tequila (no other tequila is produced from this distillery) and can only produce a small amount monthly. Its portfolio consist of a Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and Extra Anejo and they are all wonderful.

The Gems of Corrido are The Anejo and Reposado

Reposado – This little Gem is a double barrel reposado aged for 6 months, 3 month in used washed jack Daniel’s barrel and 3 month in washed used Makers Mark barrel’s. The two distinctly different bourbon barrels help create a tequila that has aromas of butterscotch, nuts, maple, intense tones of cooked agave with a long finish of vanilla and caramel.

Anejo – This stuff is frick’n great. It is an 18 month triple barrel Anejo, 3 month in Jack Daniels barrels, 3 month in Makers mark barrels and 12 months in a proprietary barrel that I firmly believe is a reconditioned whiskey barrel with a medium char. Burnt caramel and maple notes with loads of cooked agave are supported by highland tequila characteristics of herbal fruit and spice.

Extra Anejo – This particular Anejo drinks like a whiskey meets a cognac. Aged for a total of 3 yrs in Makers Mark barrels

Blanco – aged 30 days in Jack Daniels barrels, this blanco is balanced and rich. Its bright character is accented with roasted agave, mint and spring flowers.


Raul Yrastorza, Las Perlas General Manager

“What We’re Drinking” with Seven Grand

February 21st, 2012 — 6:05pm

Hey All,

In our on-going effort to expand our wonderful wall of whiskies, we’ve recently added more shelves. Latest count: 376! 152 from North America, 135 from Scotland, 35 from Ireland, and 12 from the rest of the world.

Some of the latest addditions:

Angel’s Envy, Lincoln Henderson’s latest offering, a unique Kentucky Straight finished in Port Casks. Parker Beam has also been experimenting with different barrel finishes, releasing Parker’s Heritage 10 year Barrel Finished- in Limosin Oak Cognac Casks. Damn good bourbon. We bought Single Barrels of Bernheim and Knob Creek, the only place you can taste this whiskey is in our bar. Our Bernheim Single Barrel is honey-dusted oak under sweet and easy wheat, our Know Creek Barrel is hot with Cherry and Cocoa. Hirsch Small Batch made it’s way in as well.

Lark, an amazing Australian whisky, is the first one to come to America that I know of. The Cask Strength blew my mind with subtle Tasmanian mineral salts coming through the oily malt. We have 3 of their expressions. All great.

From Scotland: Sheep Dip is back, after being unavailable for months, Linkwood 15 year, a great Speyside Single Malt finally came in, Coal Ila released an unpeated 12 year, revealing the peppery malt that is the heart of that famously smoky whisky. Tamdhu 30 year joined the ranks of some of the oldest whiskies that we carry, this distillery is now closed, so when the precious liquid is gone, it’s gone forever. This week the Seven Grand Whiskey Society had Brand Ambassador Mitch Bechard in to kick off the extremely limited edition of Glenfiddich’s Cask Of Dreams. Leather and cinnamon, big red fruit.

In the world of Blends, both Crown Royal Black and Johnnie Walker Double Black are new bottlings showing more bourbon character than ever before.

From Japan came a delicious new offering: Hukushu 12 year. Intricate, with Stone Fruit and citrus lifting through the hay and faint smoke.

Come down and try some of these new favorites soon, we can build a tasting flight for you. If you come in Monday-Wednesday before 8pm, when it’s not too busy, we can guide you through the exploration. Or you can book a private tasting by contacting our Events Coordinator: Stephen@213downtown.la

Also, we’ve been running a great Winter Drink Menu (try the 7th St. Toddy, if you’re feeling the chill) and the 7G staff contributed their personal favorite Boilermaker Shot & Beer pairings.

We hope to see you soon,

Pedro Shanahan, Spirit Guide, Seven Grand

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