What We’re Reading: Craft Beer, The Old Fashioned, Bitter Cocktails, Gin

March 22nd, 2012 — 8:00am

The Craft Beer Craze Hits LA – LA Confidential
Drive around Los Angeles on any given day, and you’re sure to spot a long line of people clamoring for something: the latest Hollywood club opening, the Downtown art gallery du jour, or even a Pink’s hot dog. But there’s a new hot commodity in town, and it’s of the liquid variety: craft beer.

“I see a trend toward more interesting flavors and innovation,” says [Christina] Perozzi [of The Beer Chicks]. “I think that’s what LA’s mark on the craft-beer world will be.”

LA bars and restaurants are listening. Inside Downtown’s Golden Gopher, Perozzi and partner Hallie Beaune have launched the 8th Street Bottle Shop for visitors to buy craft beers. Read More

Old-Fashioned or Newfangled, the Old-Fashioned Is Back – New York Times
The arrival of “Mad Men” dovetailed with the resurgence of this grand old cocktail, as mixologists and laymen alike reclaimed the potion and held it aloft like an artifact from a lost, great civilization. “The old-fashioned has been a touchstone of the cocktail movement the last 10 years,” said Robert Hess, a drinks author and old-fashioned fanatic whose Web site, DrinkBoy, helped to generate turn-of-the-21st-century online discussions about the drink. Read More

Looking Back to the 1800s for a Properly Bitter Cocktail – New York Times
In today’s ramped-up bar culture, the sweetness of Curaçao or Triple Sec, the orange liqueurs used in many classic cocktails, did not satisfy David Wondrich, the drinks historian and expert. So he worked with Alexandre Gabriel, the president of Cognac Ferrand in France, to develop a drier bitter orange Curaçao, like the kind made back in the 1800s. Read More

Spring Into New Craft Beer Experiences – Huffington Post
Spring is nearly here and it is a time for renewal, growth, cleaning, and warmer weather. It’s the perfect opportunity to renew your ideas about beer and to clean out old misconceptions by exploring craft beer in new, different and creative ways. If you want to make this Spring the season to seek out new craft beer experiences, I have outlined 10 different ways below. Read More

A Bathtub’s Worth. Gin gets compartmentalized. – Tasting Table
This year belongs to gin. Sure, the last few years have been about stretching the genre of whiskey, during which time we saw innovative takes on white, rye, and Scotch. Now, distillers are blowing open various subcategories of botanical-rich gin, from the recently resurrected navy-strength variety to plum-kissed Damson gin. None so much as the new Greenhook Ginsmiths , though, based in Brooklyn. Most distilleries have taken on only one gin niche, but Greenhook is aiming at all of them. Read More