What We’re Reading: New Rules Let More Beer Flow, The Rise of Lighter Cocktails, Winter Beers, A Hotter Toddy, Angel City Brewing Opening is Now in Sight, Bye-Bye Barley, Drinking in 2013, Made Up Cocktails, 2013 Cocktail Trends

January 11th, 2013 — 4:19pm

New Rules Let More Beer Flow, 1/4/2013 – New York Times
In New Jersey, before September, microbreweries could not sell their products for consumption on the premises. Now they can, though they cannot serve food, and visitors must participate in a tour in order to imbibe. Microbreweries were also prevented from selling more than two six-packs of beer to go. Now, customers may buy up to a keg, equal to 15.5 gallons of beer, directly from a microbrewery. Read more!

The Rise of Lighter Cocktails, 1/4/2013 – Food & Wine
While boozy, brown drinks still rule in pre-Prohibition-style bars, bartenders who take inspiration from Europe are now popularizing aperitif-like cocktails that are flavorful and low in alcohol. In F&W’s series of cocktail predictions for 2013, Bryan Dayton, owner of OAK at fourteenth in Boulder, Colorado, championed low alcohol drinks as the future of mixology. “European cultures have always promoted light aperitifs,” Dayton says. “Whether it’s cider in Normandy or Aperol spritzes in Italy.” Read more!

Winter Beers, 1/9/2013 – Food & Wine
There’s plenty of winter left to go, which means plenty of time to buy yourself a case of tasty winter ale. That said, I don’t want the beer-drinkers of the world to come back home with something that tastes like a fermented brown sugar-cinnamon Pop-Tart. So here are six that are actually very good: Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale, Baladin Noel, Deschutes Jubelale, Innis & Gunn Winter Treacle Porter, Smuttynose Winter Ale, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. Read more!

A Hotter Toddy, 1/4/2013 – Wall Street Journal
A hot toddy is salubrious as well as warming. When you’re fighting a virus, or even when you already have one, you get the medicinal lift of whiskey, sweet throat-coating honey, curative spices and the crisp tang of lemon with its vitamin C and mythical cold-fighting properties. For a little endorphin rush and immune-system stimulation, I add a very small dash of cayenne pepper. And I always make a toddy in the biggest cup in the house, with as much hot water as possible. Part of its function is to replenish fluids; unlike other cocktails, it doesn’t dehydrate you. Read more!

Angel City Brewery opening is now in sight, 1/11/2013 – Los Angeles Times
The reboot of downtown’s Angel City Brewing is on target for an early 2013 opening, but head brewer Dieter Foerstner will continue rolling out new beers well in advance of the grand unveiling of the refurbished tap room. At a sneak peak event last week, Angel City showcased a vanilla porter and on tap for later this month is a look at his pilsner. There’s one catch: The porter and the pilsner are designed for now to be tap-room exclusives, and the tap room probably won’t open till the spring. In addition to putting the finishing touches on the large, Art Deco-styled warehouse, Angel City operators are still awaiting final approval from the city. Optimistically, the brewery hopes for a grand opening in March or April, but will open for limited tasting hours once granted approval. Read more!

Bye-Bye Barley, January – Imbibe
If you’re gluten-intolerant, you know how tough it can be to find some of your favorite foods, and if you’re a beer drinker, that challenge gets even trickier. Traditional beers are commonly brewed with wheat and barley, which contain gluten, but gluten-free beers replace those ingredients with everything from sorghum to millet. And how do they taste? The flavor of gluten-free beers doesn’t quite compare to the real thing (though that’s sure to change), but we recently sampled an array of options and found five worth giving a shot. Read more!

Behind the Bar: Drinking in 2013, 1/7/2013 – Liquor.com
Last January, we asked master mixologist and Liquor.com advisory board member Dale DeGroff to predict the biggest cocktail trends of 2012. It was so interesting that we decided to turn it into an annual feature. Here’s what he’s expecting to drink this year. Trends include draft cocktails, spirited festivals/events, additional south-of-the-boarder spirits (cousins of tequila and mescal), artisan products, simplification, and less explanation required. Read more!

Bartenders: Stop Making (UP) Cocktails, January – Table Matters
Too often, bartenders, rather than sharpening our axes, studying, searching and trying to find meaning among the thousands of cocktails already created, the neophyte–and even sometimes seasoned veterans, I’m afraid–indulge in the worst possible fantasy: that of some mixological Prometheus who steals the eternal flame of creativity from the old, stuffy Gods and re-imagines it as lavender-infused ice or cinnamon-ancho rim. The unfortunate result is that it’s our liver and not theirs that is forever picked at by these often vile and outlandish combinations. Read more!

Raising the Bar: 2013 Cocktail trends and Predictions, 1/4/2013 – Intoxicology 101
Looking ahead to the year, they are predicting the rise of savory spirits, flavored tequila, dive bars, artisanal spirits, and cocktail trucks (food trucks). Read more!